Billie Eilish Lost Thousands Of Followers After Sharing Nude Drawings She’d Created

Billie Eilish recently celebrated her 19th birthday and with all the singer has already achieved in her music career thus far, her age truly does feel like just a number. Since Billie and her brother Finneas put out “Ocean Eyes” when she was 13, they’ve been riding a wave onto becoming a worldwide phenomenon. This past year she nabbed five Grammy Awards in the same night, became the youngest artist to create a Bond theme and had around 73 million Instagram followers until she posted some intimate doodles.

There’s been a trend around the social media platform where users allow their followers to request a subject for them to “post a picture of” on their Instagram stories. When Billie Eilish did it, she posted one of her lockscreen which featured two nude women before following it up with some of her own drawings of female bodies. Check them out:

Billie Eilish boob drawings

(Image credit: (Instagram/Billie Eilish))

Not soon after, Billie Eilish's fans noticed that her follower count had gone down quite significantly. The “Bad Guy” singer initially had 73 million followers and after sharing her love for boobs as she put it, it went down to 72.9 million. So 100,000 people were really not into her nude drawings. After one Twitter user pointed it out, Billie responded on her Instagram story, playfully calling her lost followers babies:

Billie Eilish losing followers response, boob drawings

(Image credit: (Instagram/Billie Eilish))

The boob follower mishap didn’t stick because Billie Eilish is already back up to 73 million and some change, but it’s certainly interesting that a few risque doodles from the 19-year-old would steer away so many fans in one go. The 19-year-old also has another NSFW social media wink last month when fans noticed her TikTok name was “CoochieDestroyer5.” When Billie was verified by TikTok, it was changed to @billieeilish to match her other social accounts. Of course there’s a huge sector of her fans that doesn’t care about Billie getting a tad sexual on main:

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Billie Eilish is just about the most followed 19-year-old on Instagram, I’d say it’s okay for her to offend a few people as long as she’s not doing anything inherently wrong. For those uncomfortable with nudity, it makes sense that they might be turned off by her drawings, but it’s still a form of expression for the singer and for fans, it’s actually really interesting and fun to see what the talented artist draws in her spare time.

Billie Eilish recently made Bond history with her theme for No Time To Die, which she and Finneas worked with the legendary Hans Zimmer on. Although the theme initially received some mixed reactions it fits well with the Bond sound and Dame Shirley Bassey gave her stamp of approval, so well… so do we. You can hear Eilish on No Time To Die, coming to theaters on April 2, 2021.

Sarah El-Mahmoud
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