Vanessa Hudgens in The Princess Switch 2

Years after the hype of High School Musical, Princess Switch star Vanessa Hudgens has made a name for herself as one of Hollywood’s most consistent actors. Hudgens has been a part of many beloved franchises such as Bad Boys For Life and Second Act. With the Princess Switch franchise she struck streaming gold, and she's currently filming Princess Switch 3. As she works on the third installment in Scotland, the actor received some flak online for filming the country.

Vanessa Hudgens has become synonymous with Netflix's Christmas rom-com fare. The Princess Switch franchise has relied on a mix of fairytale romance and silly comedy to positive reception. With production on Princess Switch 3 in full swing, Hudgens decided to post on Instagram to show off the film’s location. Unfortunately, the actor’s post didn’t go over well with a follower. One Scotland native took to Twitter to deliver a disapproving message. Check out the tweet below:

As evident by the user’s tweet, not everyone is excited for Princess Switch 3 especially given the COVID-19 pandemic is still raging on. Currently Scotland along with the rest of the United Kingdom is under lockdown as the country experienced a spike in COVID-19 cases after the holidays. Hudgens’ Instagram post deemed insensitive by the individual, given current safety guidelines and protocols. The above user was one of many who expressed their disapproval.

One of the guidelines in place for Scottish citizens is that they aren’t allowed to go more than five miles from their house. Vanessa Hudgens seemed to be venturing far beyond five miles in this nature. Although it's important to note that film projects have to got through extensive health protocols in order to protect the cast and crew. Still, more tweets made their way online, check it out.

Vanessa Hudgens seemingly roaming around Scotland going sightseeing, frustrated many residents. Some even went so far as to tell her to go back to the United States. You can see below

Quite a few questioned where the filming of Princess Switch 3 was “essential.” Many residents of Scotland were told they weren’t to leave their homes unless it was essential. As you can see,

Outside of the essential angle, Vanessa Hudgens’ past remarks on COVID-19 came back to haunt her. The clip went viral in 2020 after the actor seemed to downplay the seriousness of the disease. And now they're reappeared.

But not everyone was trying to cancel Vanessa Hudgens. Some came to both the actor and the film’s defense given the year the country has gone through. As you can see,

It was pointed out that Vanessa Hudgens was in Scotland for work not for pleasure. They mentioned the actor wouldn’t be in the country if it was for Princess Switch 3.

Others were angrier with the media over their coverage of Vanessa Hudgens being in Scotland. An article painted the actor being in the country more for a vacation than working on the film. Although given how many character she plays in the franchise, she's obviously got a ton of work to do.

Given the year Scotland has gone through, some found Vanessa Hudgens’ Instagram posts to be a good thing. It was alluded to be the best thing to happen since Scotland went into lockdown. As one twitter user joked,

Given the current state of the COVID-10 pandemic in Scotland, Vanessa Hudgens’ post caused quite a split on social media. At the end of the day, Hudgens had the right to carry on daily life but needs to be more careful of others’ feelings during sensitive times. Be sure to check out our 2021 release list to plan your next movie experience.

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