Why Amanda Seyfried Has ‘No Interest’ In Doing A Superhero Movie

Superhero movies are far and away the most popular film genre around today. Between that popularity and the massive number of properties that exist, it seems that before too long every professional actor on the planet will be part of the MCU, the DC Universe, or one of the various additional comic book franchises. Odds are if they're not in a comic book movie yet, they will be soon. However, there's one potential exception to that rule, as Amanda Seyfried says she has very little interest in being in a comic book movie.

Speaking with the Associated Press, the actress, who is receiving awards season buzz for her role in the Netflix movie Mank, says that, while she loves superhero movies in general, that's not the same as wanting to actually be in one. It seems that she has no particular desire to film massive action sequences or to do large portions of her work in front of green screens. Seyfried explains,

I don’t imagine there are many agents that don’t feel like their clients wouldn’t benefit from a big superhero movie, and I’ve really had to push against it. I think superhero movies are wonderful, and you can just be transported to this incredible world that doesn’t exist. It’s really fun, and it’s really good for kids, I think, as they’re getting older. But I have no interest in being that physical and being that much of a trip to my imagination every day. I’m not a fan of green screen, I’m just not. I want to have fun when I’m working.

This seems true; if you're not looking forward to filming physical action or working with green screen then superhero movies just aren't for you. They all look quite amazing once all the post-production work is done, but one probably feels much less like an actual superhero during production. When forced to choose between making massive blockbusters with pop culture appeal and making the sorts of movies that she considers fun to actually make, Seyfried has chosen the latter.

Amanda Seyfried makes reference to the fact that she has been offered those superhero roles in the past, perhaps several times. The actress has previously spoken about the fact that she apparently turned down the role of Gamora in the first Guardians of the Galaxy. She wasn't entirely confident that the off-the-wall premise (even for a comic book movie) would work. While Seyfried has admitted she was wrong about the film, that hasn't made her change her mind about her decision not to take the role. In addition to her feelings on physicality and green screen, she's also said she has little interest in roles that will keep her in the make-up chair longer than she'll actually be on the set.

While Amanda Seyfried may have little interest in making a superhero movie, it seems that fact has been an issue for her in the past. She calls it a "cloud," around her lengthy resume, but it seems there's little pressure from those close to the actress to change her mind. As she put it,

That has been that cloud that’s kind of been looming over me my entire career, and I don’t know when it’ll ever go away. But it’s OK because at the end of the day, my agents trust me, and they know that it’s not for everybody.

So if you're an Amanda Seyfried fan who is hoping to see her join a massive superhero franchise, that seems unlikely. Of course, with Seyfried getting great roles like the one in Mank, it's not like she's lacking opportunities.

Dirk Libbey
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