Netflix’s Finding 'Ohana Is Lowkey A Love Letter To Keanu Reeves, And I’m Here For It

the cast of Finding Ohana in the caves

Over the past few years, Netflix has proven itself at the top of the streaming wars. In addition to the service's countless TV shows, there's also been a massive number of original film titles released. Last weekend was no exception, as Jude Weng's family adventure film Finding 'Ohana arrived and quickly started trending on the social media outlet. The movie is also basically a love letter to Keanu Reeves, and I can't get enough.

Finding 'Ohana was just released on Netflix, and is currently trending as one of the most popular titles. The kid-friendly flick follows a family that moves from Brooklyn to Oahu, Hawaii, and eventually go on a wild Goonies-like adventure through ancient tombs. And throughout the film's 123-minute runtime, there are non-stop references to one Keanu Reeves.

The love for Keanu Reeves in Finding 'Ohana begins shortly after the family arrives in Oahu, where there is a poster of The Matrix 4 actor in Leilani's childhood bedroom. Protagonist Pili calls the poster "breathtaking", while the matriarch of the family plans a sneaky kiss on the poster. And the love for Keanu only continues from there on.

In fact, a heated a debate happens about 1/4 of the way through Finding 'Ohana all about (you guessed it) Keanu Reeves. Ioane and Hana have said conversation, where they discuss the famous actor's Hawaiin roots. And when Ione tries to speak ill of the Bill and Ted icon, his love interest responds by calling him a mainlander, and maintaining Reeves is "a Hawaiian treasure."

But perhaps the biggest Keanu Reeves fan in Finding 'Ohana is the red-headed local Casper (Owen Vaccaro). His very first scene references John Wick, and he also carries around a trusty walking stick named Keanu throughout the film's runtime. Keanu the stick comes in handy countless times throughout the adventure, so it's almost like Neo himself is with us.

Clearly Finding 'Ohana director Jude Weng and writer Christina Strain are big fans of Keanu Reeves' work. And really, who isn't one at this point? Between his filmography and delightful personality, there's a lot to love. And for the characters of the new Netflix movie, this adoration comes at least partly due to his Hawaiin roots.

Keanu Reeves' birth father was native Hawaiin, with his grandmother also being Chines Hawaiin. As such, there are plenty of denizens of the islands who are big fans of Reeves, and take pride in his roots. As for the rest of us, it's got to be his impressive filmography and totally unique sense of POV that made us fall in love.

Finding 'Ohana is currently available on Netflix. Be sure to check out our 2021 release list to plan your next movie experience.

Corey Chichizola
Movies Editor

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