Hamilton’s Christopher Jackson Reveals His Physical Response To Seeing The Disney+ Movie

Hamilton’s release on Disney+ was met with huge fanfare and critical acclaim. The live-stage film became one of the most streamed films of 2020, and is a force in Awards Season. Not only were fans of the musical anticipating the live stage release, so were the production’s stars including Christopher Jackson. The Hamilton star recently revealed his physical response to seeing the film.

Christopher Jackson was one of the breakout stars from the megahit Broadway musical Hamilton. He was able to turn his role as George Washington into a thriving film and television career. As the Broadway production-turned-film has gained awards buzz, the actor did an interview with Gold Derby about the Disney+ film and his stage career. Jackson talked about his physical reaction to the film being released, saying:

Surreal. The first time I’ve ever seen any of my work on stage in a different medium, which was exciting and nerve-racking and even years removed, I’m still pretty twitchy. The body remembers all of these different emotions and the first time we watched it, Disney had sent us the screener to sort of prep for all the press and I’m sitting there on the couch and it was kind of the same experience the first time I actually sat in the theater and watched it with my wife. She just kind of gently would grab my arm when my face started contorting a little bit and I started to sweat a little bit. It’s a very surreal kind of experience. But it was great to finally be able to see, from the audience’s perspective, the wonderful work that was going on stage and what an amazing company and what an amazing show.

Christopher Jackson’s words spoke to how, even years removed from the stage production, seeing Hamilton on the screen still give him the same jitters as the show’s first opening night. Being a part of something so monumental for many years can trigger so many unusual responses, especially considering he played Washington for eight shows a week

Christopher Jackson was an integral part of the show’s success as the show continued its Broadway run (before the COVID-19 shutdown) and won Tony, Grammy, and Pulitzer Prizes. Jackson has a great friendship and working relationship with Lin-Manuel Miranda, whom he also worked with on the Broadway hit In The Heights.

Christopher Jackson and the original Broadway cast made Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton lyrics come to live night after night on the great white way. Their contribution led to a spike in Disney+ subscriptions and the soundtrack charting again.

Last year, Jackson spoke with CinemaBlend about a special moment from the musical that surprised him in the film. He even hoped for the film's success could lead to an effect similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe by championing for more musical films to be released. With all the award-season buzz, the live-stage film has been a conundrum as some are treating as a theatrical release and others as a television movie.

If you want to see Christopher Jackson’s George Washington, you can stream Hamilton on Disney+.

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