Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Super Proud Of Hamilton Stars Anthony Ramos And Leslie Odom Jr. After Latter Pens Excellent Post

While a lot of people had already seen Hamilton before it debuted on Disney+ last year, the film version showed millions more people just how insanely talented the original cast of the Broadway show really was, and it seems that even the other members of that cast are clearly in awe of the talent of some of the others. Hamilton's Anthony Ramos was recently named in the Time 100, which is a list of names the magazine believes are the people to watch in every aspect of life in the coming years. His co-star Leslie Odom Jr. wrote about Ramos' talent, and now Lin-Manuel Miranda stands looking at both of them, clearly thrilled with the talents of both men.

Hamilton's writer and star took to social media to share not only the fact that Anthony Ramos made such a distinguished list, but also that Leslie Odom Jr, wrote a beautiful piece about Ramos. Miranda says that the word "pride" does not properly describe his feeling at seeing his Hamilton co-stars supporting each other so well.

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Anthony Ramos is probably best known now for playing the duel roles of John Laurens and Philip Hamilton in Lin-Manuel Miranda's play, but like so many in that cast, Ramos' abilities hadn't gone unnoticed before even then. Since then Ramos has been able to use the Hamilton platform as a sort of launchpad for his larger career. The man can sing, and the man can act. As Leslie Odom Jr. says in his original piece for Time, Ramos is both an amazing talent and simply an amazing person.

The emotional range and acting facility, the wit and wicked sense of humor, the one-in-a-million singing voice come together within a special person whose bounty of gifts is matched with a rock-solid humanity and core of integrity.

These are certainly some strong words to hear that are likely humbling for Anthony Ramos. The fact that the man is an enormous talent isn't exactly new information. Outside of Hamilton Ramos has put up some impressive work in just the last few years, but more than likely a lot of people truly realized just how good he is thanks to Lin-Manuel Miranda's play.

And it shows just how incredible Hamilton was as a show. To have all these incredibly talented performers in one place is the sort of thing that doesn't usually happen. Leslie Odom Jr. has been nominated for a Golden Globe for his role in One Night in Miami, and so he's got to be on the short list for Oscar consideration. If Time is really right about Anthony Ramos, it likely won't be long before he is also being mentioned in the same sentence with major film awards.

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