Lady Gaga's Dog Walker Was Shot And 2 Of Her Dogs Were Stolen

It’s hard to imagine what goes through a person’s mind when they commit a crime. This is a common thought whenever something truly heinous happens, and a recent incident has caused such reflection. While walking Lady Gaga’s three French Bulldogs, her dog walker was shot and two of the three dogs were taken, leaving him in the hospital and spurring on an urgent search for these two missing pets.

TMZ reported this criminal happening, as it has occurred last night. Lady Gaga’s dog walker was not named in the report, but thankfully “he’s expected to fully recover.” As for the two dogs that are missing, Gustave and Koji, Lady Gaga is offering a “no questions asked” reward of $500,000 to get them back. Asia, the third of the French Bulldog trio, was recovered by one of Gaga’s bodyguards. Should anyone have information pertaining to their whereabouts, they are encouraged to send such details to, in hopes that the dogs can be recovered as quickly as possible.

Adding an extra layer of upset to this crime is the fact that Lady Gaga is currently in Rome, filming Ridley Scott’s star studded film Gucci. As one would expect, this has left the recording artist/actor rather upset, as she’s away from home during such a horrible dilemma. Thankfully, the situation isn’t as bad as it could be, as her dog walker will recover from his wounds; but this truly couldn’t have happened at a worse time.

2021 started off rather well for Gaga, with her performance at the inauguration of President Joe Biden drawing raves, and a couple of Hunger Games comparisons, from her fans. And this was after a strong 2020 saw Lady Gaga win five VMAs, as well as being cast in Bullet Train, one of her other follow-up roles to the Oscar nominated smash A Star Is Born. Sadly, this moment has given Gaga a terrible fright, on top of ongoing concerns for her pets, and those around her.

We can only hope that Gustave and Koji are recovered and returned to Lady Gaga in swift order. Having a family member, be they human or animal, missing under such circumstances is always a harrowing experience. But there’s still hope that the reward, along with some appeal to do the right thing, will win out in the end. Again, should you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Gustave and Koji, send those details to Our best wishes go out to Lady Gaga during the process of dealing with, as well as resolving, this horrible event. Should any new information come to light, we’ll report those updates to the situation as they occur.

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