Ryan Reynolds Celebrates Finishing Netflix’s The Adam Project Ahead Of Schedule By Thanking Fellow Marvel Actors

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In Hollywood, more films tend to go over-schedule rather than finishing ahead of schedule. Ryan Reynolds’ Netflix film The Adam Project falls into the latter category. Arguably the biggest thing about the upcoming sci-fi film was the amount of Marvel stars in the film. Reynolds took to social media to announce the production’s end while thanking fellow Marvel actors.

Despite Hollywood being shut down for most of 2020, Ryan Reynolds has been consistently working on one film after another. The Adam Project is just the latest film the actor had been filming. In the film, Reynolds got to share the screen with Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner and Zoe Saldana. The actor took to his Instagram to signal the end of filming on the upcoming sci-fi film. In usual Ryan Reynolds fashion, the actor decided to show off his trademark humor by addressing his co-stars as their MCU characters. Check out Reynolds’ sweet and funny post below:

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As evident by his Instagram post, Ryan Reynolds even knows how to wrap a film with a mix of wit and sentimentality. According to his words, the shoot appeared to be a fun time for everyone involved. He even highlighted the film’s crew for finishing up the production four days ahead of schedule. The early finish was commendable considering the upcoming film just began production in Nov. 2020. Having so many Marvel actors in one film showed the reach of the genre in non-MCU-related films. Time will tell if this amount of star power will translate into success and acclaim for the upcoming Netflix film.

But Ryan Reynolds’ Instagram post was just the latest peek into the filming of The Adam Project. Recently, the film gained attention from 13 Going on 30 fans after Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner taking part in the film. Their appearance reinforced the Marvel connection between the film’s stars as well. But Reynolds has never missed a chance to make Marvel references during the shoot as he made a hilarious post at Ruffalo’s expense.

For any Ryan Reynolds fan, his trolling ways just don’t stop with his Marvel connections. He decided to address rumors over Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Deadpool’s fifth anniversary with his signature wit. Even David Beckham, former Proposal co-star Betty White and Valentine’s Day were no match for Reynolds and his sense of humor. His signature wit led to the actor hosting his own Snapchat series.

Given Ryan Reynolds’ track record on social media, calling his co-stars by their Marvel characters was nothing new even after wrapping a serious sci-fi film. But Reynolds trolled his Red Notice co-stars in the same fashion. Hopefully, that fun and wild experience of filming The Adam Project will translate when the film premieres on Netflix.

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