No Time To Die's Ana de Armas Reveals The Reason She Got A New Haircut After Breakup With Ben Affleck

Ana de Armas starring off in No Time to Die

Ana de Armas’ star has been on the rise in recent years due to projects such as Knives Out and No Time to Die. But it was her romance with Deep Water co-star Ben Affleck that really garnered headlines. Considering the couple’s recent breakup, de Armas decided to debut a drastic new haircut. But the actress recently revealed the true reason for cutting her hair.

The public can typically be curious whenever a star changing their look, but this is especially the case after a breakup that was as publicized as Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck's. De Armas recently caught up with Byrdie via Zoom, during which the No Time to Die star spoke about being an Estee Lauder spokesmodel and quarantine life. The conversation soon turned to her headline-making haircut. The actress then explained what led to her decision:

It was a discussion with the directors I'm working with now—the Russo brothers—for this film, The Gray Man and, like I told you, it's a very active role—a lot of action. We were supposed to shoot in January, but the movie got pushed a little bit, so now we start next month. But back in December when we started talking about the character and ideas and inspirations and the look, they suggested something like this [points to hair]. And then, we got into this back-and-forth and I loved it. I thought it really suited her and I went for it. It's not a good idea or comfortable to wear wigs and things like that in an action movie. I love changing, I really do. It's cool.

Despite public speculation, Ana de Armas was finally able to clear up her reason for making such a drastic change. Knowing now that de Armas’ haircut was a creative choice sort of tempers the public's original assumptions. It may not have been easy for the actress to make the decision but given how precise The Gray Man directors Joe and Anthony Russo are, it’s perfectly understandable why she would cut her locks. Besides her new haircut, de Armas is also preparing for her role in other ways.

All in all, An de Armas seems to love her new 'do, though, as she's continued to post more images on social media. And since her breakup with Affleck, she's received quite a bit of love from fans, including her Knives Out co-star, Jamie Lee Curtis, who penned a touching tribute to the actress.

Ana de Armas’s true reason for cutting her hair shows just how committed she is to her craft, and it's no wonder she's steadily becoming one of Hollywood’s go-to stars. The actress can next be seen in Deep Water, which is set to be released in theaters on August 13th.

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