Anna Kendrick's Stowaway Trailer Launches Her Into Space With Daniel Dae Kim

Moral dilemmas can happen anywhere, even in space. And in the new Netflix movie Stowaway, Anna Kendrick and Daniel Dae Kim are among two of the people who are about to run into one of the greatest of them all. When three astronauts on a mission to Mars find a surprise fourth party aboard their vessel, a ticking clock is put into motion that could determine the course of each of their lives.

Co-starring Toni Collette and Shamier Anderson, Stowaway puts a modern spin on an old sci-fi favorite: the stowaway dilemma. With only enough life support for three people, this promising scientific mission may result in the conscious death of one member of this party. That is, unless a daring plan to repair the vessel that’s on a one-way trip to Mars can be pulled off. And as you’ll see in the trailer above, this is one of the most harrowing Anna Kendrick roles we’ve seen in quite some time.

What’s even more stressful is the fact that Shamier Anderson’s character in Stowaway, Michael, is a launch support engineer who happened to be in one of the worst “wrong place/wrong time” scenarios. Not meaning to stowaway on this grand scientific endeavor, the two year journey takes him away from his sister. Oh, and if he’s not careful, fate might end up killing him off, as Stowaway has that pesky “oxygen for three” problem.

Much like The Midnight Sky and Away before it, Stowaway is another Netflix project that looks like it’s ready to examine the human experience in space. With a moral dilemma that we’ve seen depicted before, most notably in various adaptations of author Tom Godwin’s sci-fi story The Cold Equations, it’s another bad day in space for all involved. But on the bright side, in our reality this marks another streaming platform that Anna Kendrick has colonized, in the name of entertaining the masses.

There’s a good chance that by the end of Stowaway, one of these four people are going to die. And before that happens, we’re going to get as close to them as possible, making the eventual decision all the more agonizing and heartbreaking to watch. But that’s probably what makes a movie like this so compelling, as we’d all hate to be in that scenario, but it’s always interesting to watch it unfold in a fictional confines.

At least there’s one bright side to the cosmic dilemma in Stowaways: at least there aren’t any space pets we have to worry about seeing die. Then again, that could change when the movie premieres on Netflix, as of April 22nd. But if you’re an Anna Kendrick fan, and want to see more of here, you’re in luck. Streaming has been her playground as of late, and there’s a host of options for you to keep watching this talented actress do her thing, across a variety of platforms.

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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