The Godzilla Vs. Kong Cast Picks Their Favorite Titan (And There’s A Clear Winner)

Millie Bobby Brown, Julian Dennison and Brian Tyree Henry under large jaws Godzilla vs. Kong

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God versus man, day versus night, son of Krypton versus bat of Gotham, and now Godzilla vs. Kong. Matchups like that are the stuff that legends are made of and it’s hard not to pick a side in any of those cases. But can that opinion change after close personal contact with either the radioactive lizard god or the son of Skull Island? To be honest, it seems that even the filming process hasn’t changed the hearts or the minds of the cast, as Millie Bobby Brown and company chose a clear winner in the overall picture.

When speaking with the Godzilla vs. Kong cast I had one question on my mind: Team Godzilla or Team Kong? So, as the intrepid reporter I always claim to be, I asked away through the entire lot of acting talent on hand for the recent press day. Team Godzilla got some steam, thanks to one of the first interviews I conducted, with Millie Bobby Brown and Julian Dennison, which saw Mr. Dennison hyping that side with a bit of a balanced approach:

Yeah, for sure. I’m Team Godzilla, but I love King Kong. I remember first reading the script, obviously scripts change as you go along with the movie, and even during filming they change. So the movie, I guess like the way it was edited and everything, it does change. But for me, yeah, I was really rooting for King Kong, but I was also rooting for Godzilla. It was bit of back and forth, you know. I’m not really set in stone who I’m rooting for, but you know, they have a nice bromance.

Could there ever be a “bromance” in the MonsterVerse? Surely, this is one of those issues where a definitive stance must be taken, right? Well, while I didn’t get Millie Bobby Brown to say as much during this sit-down, she did eventually go on record as a Team Godzilla member, thanks to a pre-recorded intro shown at a big drive-in screening for Godzilla vs. Kong this past weekend.

Of course Godzilla vs. Kong’s cast has quite a few Team Kong supporters that are lined up to sing his praises. And one of the three majority votes for that side, naturally, came from Rebecca Hall. Playing Dr. Ilene Andrews, the Monarch expert who advocates for Kong throughout the entire film.

No, I mean I am on Team Kong. There is no dividing myself from that now, so I cannot say anything other than I’ve always been Team Kong, and I will continue to be Team Kong.

However, even those members of the Godzilla vs. Kong cast that would have seen harm come to Kong and his Hollow Earth kingdom were quick to rush to his side. While they inhabit the roles of the villainous Simmons family, Eiza Gonzalez and Demian Bichir actually find themselves identifying with their on-screen foe rather well. Starting with Ms. Gonzalez, her outlook on this issue is rather warm and literally fuzzy, as she prefers Kong for a very comfort driven reason:

I didn’t have a specific [favorite.] I was definitely curious [about] how they were going to mash up these two worlds. But I think that, through the movie, and throughout filming it, I mean obviously I became really close to the Kong story. So I love Kong and I’m Team Kong. … He’s fuzzy! [Godzilla] feels like if I hugged him, he’d give me a rash.

Even if you’re more on the Godzilla side of Godzilla vs. Kong, there is definitely a question of whether or not it’s advisable to hug him. Especially when if the ridges and scales don’t get you, the potential for intense radiation exposure could do a number on your health. When it comes to Demian Bichir’s preference, his Team Kong standing comes from a pretty philosophical standpoint:

Oh, Team Kong, all the way. … We’re closer to that guy, you know what I mean? Sometimes, we behave like lizards, but we’re more like a Kong type of [being,] right? And he has feelings! You can see his feelings. That’s a beautiful thing about this film, and every film about this guy. He has feelings, you can sense that, you can see that, you can feel them.

But does Godzilla not have feelings? Prick him, does he not bleed? Hit him with an oxygen depriving bomb, does he not retreat to heal? Wrong him, shall he and Mothra not have revenge? Still, no matter how much reasoning you put into it, the question remains: do we really need to pick a side in the Godzilla vs. Kong debate?

Personally, I don’t think we do, as both Titans have their pros and cons, their ins and outs. And Julian Dennison can back me up on this, as I got to follow up with him during a solo session, in which I revealed the fact that the cast seemed to be mostly in the Team Kong column. While Dennison threw his lot in with Team Godzilla, it’s his even-handed support of both that really should teach us there’s beauty and respect for all of Titankind:

Team Godzilla, I like his big tail. But I do see where they’re coming from with King Kong. He is pretty strong, he’s gotten a lot bigger since Kong: Skull Island, and he has a beard. … I actually realized that the two characters are very relatable. They gave them character, gave them spirit, and gave them souls.

As the case for not choosing sides in Godzilla vs. Kong is something that could still be discussed quite extensively, there’s going to be a definitive winner when all is said and done. While the cast seems to be on Team Kong, International audiences are already learning the final result, and domestic fans will be able to see director Adam Wingard’s installment in the MonsterVerse as of this Wednesday. If you’re ready to head back to theaters, then IMAX and 3D showings await your glorious return! However, if you’re keen on keeping the action at home, you’ll want to have your HBO Max subscription handy and ready to go. Should you not already have one, then check out the six month prepaid subscription offer that the platform is running, in hopes of having as many eyes on this prize as possible.

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