Lady Gaga's Dog Walker Celebrates Leaving Hospital With Emotional Post (And A Dance)

About a month ago, Lady Gaga’s dog walker, Ryan Fischer, was shot in the middle of walking the singer/actor’s three French Bulldogs. Two of the dogs were stolen, but eventually found their way back home, leaving Fischer in the hospital to recover from his injuries. Which leads us to today, as Fischer is officially leaving the hospital, and he shared an emotional post, and a bit of a dance, to celebrate.

In a massive update from Ryan Fischer’s personal Instagram, he recalled his entire journey of recovery with great detail and candor. While not easy, Fischer’s path has led him to a moment that most people would take for granted, as you’ll see in the video from his message. Getting dressed, by putting on his skinny jeans and a shirt, you can see Ryan’s gratitude even before he busts into a light dance of thanks:

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While released once from the hospital after the shooting, complications eventually arose that sent Ryan Fischer back into the hospital. As his lung had collapsed continually throughout his hospital stay, it was eventually decided that pieces would have to be removed for it to truly heal. Combined with nerve damage that affected the right side of his body, Fischer took to heart a message that one of the Clinical Partners gave him during this traumatic time: “Recovery isn’t a straight line.”

The shooting of Ryan Fischer, as well as the temporary abduction of Lady Gaga’s dogs Gustave and Koji, led to shockwaves in the Hollywood dog walking business. More defensive measures, training and even schedule limitations imposed on dog walkers were all part of what followed in the reaction to this horrible moment. Thankfully, Fischer has reached the point where he can head home and continue to heal in more familiar surroundings.

It’s an update that must please Lady Gaga herself, as she’s recently been filming Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci with Adam Driver. As production on the star-studded movie has been based in Rome as of late, it’s the last place a dog owner and a friend would want to be under such circumstances. So the news that Ryan Fischer is on his way home should definitely warm her heart, especially since it happens to have broken the day after her birthday.

The full story surrounding Gustave and Koji’s disappearance, as well as Ryan Fischer’s shooting, is still being investigated, as of this writing. While his recovery zigged and zagged into various scenarios, Fischer held strong and accepted that he would get better through time and perseverance. It only makes his video, and his offering of a dance to the world, all the sweeter. We here at CinemaBlend would like to wish Ryan Fischer a continued and speedy recovery from the traumatic events he has lived through.

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