After Lady Gaga Dognapping And Shooting, Pet Security Grows More Intense

The recent dognapping of two of Lady Gaga’s dogs is, unfortunately, still unsolved at the time of this writing. With her dog walker Ryan Fisher still recovering from the shooting that occurred at the time of the theft, other dog walking companies are starting to intensify their pet security efforts. Which means that everything from pepper spray to altered schedules are being employed to keep those animals in their care safer. And that’s just the beginning of these new methods to increase safety.

Just as they had reported on the dognapping of Lady Gaga’s dogs Gustave and Koji, TMZ obtained a sampling of information from various Hollywood dog walking firms to see how recent events have affected business. As we’d previously mentioned, some companies are giving their employees classic defenses like pepper spray, with a further policy of restricting walks to daytime hours. But in other, more extreme cases, Jiu Jitsu lessons and concealed carry permits have reportedly come up as potential methods to keep these animals, and their human counterparts, as safe as possible.

Increasing the security around the animals of Hollywood is unfortunately something that feels like a prudent move at this point. It’s especially sound when taking into account a scenario like that of Lady Gaga, as all three of her dogs are French Bulldogs. That’s a particularly valuable breed of canine, so the attraction for those who would try to make a quick buck by stealing one is always going to be increased. That risk goes up when you’ve got popular on-screen animals, like the late Beatrice who played the role of Stella on Modern Family, helping to raise the profile of such a species.

This is another chapter in the continuing story of Gustave and Koji’s disappearance, which has happened while Lady Gaga is away in Rome, filming Gucci with director Ridley Scott. A $500,000 reward is still up for grabs for anyone that can return the dogs to their rightful home, and as of this writing, no arrests have been made in the case of this heinous pet theft. However, a rather sweet message of support and encouragement has come out recently, as actor/real-life badass Danny Trejo took to Twitter to assure Gaga that there are still good people on the streets, trying to bring her beauties home:

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The search for Gustave and Koji continues, and while it’s certainly a scary situation, there’s still hope for finding this pair of pups. And that hope continues, in part, with fans like you. If you have any information pertaining to the whereabouts of Lady Gaga’s dogs, send those details to Meanwhile, as this is a still developing story, we’ll report in with any future updates as they occur.

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