Yes, The Rock Just Responded To His Own Black Adam Concept Art

The road to Warner Bros. and DC’s Black Adam film has been a long one, to say the least. However, after years of remaining in development, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s powerful antihero is finally making his way to the big screen and even recently secured a new date. At this point, we’ve only seen The Rock’s Black Adam look through concept art, but it’s still been more than enough to get fans hyped up for the character’s DC Extended Universe debut. Of course, The Rock is just as, if not more, excited than anyone, and this was definitely apparent when he commented on a piece of his character’s own concept art.

Many around the internet are likely familiar with graphic artist Kode Abdo (or BossLogic), who has created a number of cool custom and officially commissioned pieces. One of his most recent ventures was working with Warner Bros. and DC on concept art for Black Adam. Following the announcement of the film’s official release date, the artist took to Instagram to celebrate with his personal art. Check out the sweet artwork for yourself down below:

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That art is too sweet for any fan to pass up, including The Rock himself. With that, the actor chimed in with a perfect message:

BossLogic Instagram screenshot

It has to be an exciting feeling for The Rock to know that Black Adam is well on its way. Though one can imagine that this sweet exchange was actually pretty surreal for BossLogic. Working on official concept art for such a high-profile film has to be crazy enough, but getting a response from the lead has to be bonkers for him. But overall, you love to see the enthusiasm from the project from both.

Black Adam is just gearing up to kick off production, and the stars are getting themselves prepared. As you would expect, Dwayne Johnson is working out like a madman to make sure he physically embodies the imposing role. This also seems to be rubbing off on his co-star, Aldis Hodge, who is also making sure to put in plenty of work at the gym. And let’s not forget Noah Centineo, who got absolutely jacked to play the superhero role.

And even with its shoot looming near, the DCEU film is still making major casting moves as of late, with the most recent being for a classic DC Comics character. The one and only Pierce Brosnan was just tapped to play the role of Doctor Fate, which should be more than enough to get fans hyped.

Plot details surrounding Black Adam are pretty vague at the moment, but it’s more than evident that the film will see the titular character mix it up with the Justice Society of America. With this, the hardcore comic book fans should have plenty to look forward to.

Until we get our first peek at Black Adam footage, we’ll just have to keep gazing at the amazing concept art by BossLogic and others. The wait has been tough but, hopefully, the journey will be worth it.

Black Adam is set to hit theaters on July 29, 2022.

Erik Swann
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