Black Adam’s Noah Centineo Looks Massive Ahead Of Filming As Atom Smasher

Noah Centineo in To All The Boys 3

The excitement for the DCEU’s Black Adam continues to grow as more news comes out. While the film is poised to be another blockbuster for Dwayne Johnson, it could jumpstart the next phase of Netflix star Noah Centineo’s career. Seeing Johnson’s preparation for the superhero film clearly motivated Centineo. He’s been posting his progress on social media for months. But the latest post showed how massive the actor looks ahead of filming as Atom Smasher.

The DC film is shaping up to be a huge moment in Noah Centineo’s career post-To All the Boys success. Centineo appears ready to be Hollywood’s next big-budget film star (if the film is a success). To match, or at least approach, the level of Johnson’s physique, the To All the Boys star has been going hard to play the DC superhero. His trainer Kirk Myers posted a series of videos and photos of the heartthrob working out on Instagram. Check out Centineo’s intense workout below:

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Kirk Myers’ Instagram post showed just how committed Noah Centineo is to meet the physical demands of playing Atom Smasher. While Centineo seemed quite fit beforehand, there’s an obvious difference between his physique in the To All the Boys series and prepping for Black Adam. Given Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam posts, Centineo wanted to match the Jumanji star (as much as he could) before the production started.

But honestly, Noah Centineo’s workout post has been months (if not years) in the making. Along with Black Adam, the Netflix star is set to play He-Man, which is just as physically demanding. Unlike the DC film, the actor will be headlining Masters of the Universe. After doing so many projects for Netflix, the actor seems ready to prove his worth as a box-office draw. And Centineo is showing his readiness to be Hollywood’s next big action star.

With the constant posting of his workouts on social media, Noah Centineo seems to enjoy the results of his progress. Due to the pushback of both films, the actor seems to have lost and gained the muscle a few times to fit his other projects. Having two physically demanding films lined up requires a certain physique. The actor has proven he willing to do the work. But after those films, only time will tell if the actor will maintain his new body or let it go.

Seeing how intense Noah Centineo’s workout regime is proved just how much he’s ready to level up in Hollywood. Hopefully, doing Black Adam and Masters of the Universe will help him to achieve that goal. Besides Centineo’s physique, there have been more exciting news related to the DC film. But DC fans will have to wait to see the To All the Boys star in action as Black Adam currently has no release date.

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