Hamilton's Anthony Ramos Reveals His Main Hope For The Disney+ Project

Anthony Ramos in In the Heights

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Hamilton’s Anthony Ramos is on the verge of film superstardom with the upcoming release of In the Heights. But most people became familiar with the entertainer through his turn as John Laurens and Phillip Hamilton in the record-breaking Broadway musical. Ramos, Lin-Manuel Miranda and his cast members served as an inspiration for BIPOC folks in the theatre community and beyond. So Hamilton’s success on Disney+ was no surprise. Ramos revealed his main hope for the Disney+ project during its Broadway run and beyond.

The Broadway and Disney+ success of the smash-hit musical made Anthony Ramos a household name. Hamilton’s success appears to be translating into the hype surrounding In the Heights' hybrid release. Ramos explained who he wanted the Disney+ project to inspire:

Hopefully, more Latino kids around the world will watch Hamilton, listen to my music and realize that this dream isn’t so crazy… I live in Colombia, Bolivia, Puerto Rico, or the Dominican Republic, and Broadway seems like such a distant dream. If these guys [Ramos and Miranda] can do it, maybe I can do it too.

Anthony Ramos’ words about Hamilton to Remezcla fell right in line with his need to inspire others through his work. The representation and musicality of Hamilton showed not just young Latinos but young people, in general, that they can be whomever they want to be without limitations. He wanted to inspire young Latinos to chase their dream as seen in his music and acting careers. This sentiment played a role in his music as he leans into sociopolitical topics to inspire the future. As an artist, the In the Height star is very much about using his output to uplift his people to a better life. You can’t fault him for wanting to change the world through his music and acting work.

Hamilton is currently available exclusively on Disney+. You can use this link to sign up for the streaming service.

With In the Heights’ release just around the corner, Anthony Ramos has served as an inspiration to millions of young people. The multitalented entertainer has pushed the boundaries of what it means to be a Latino in a hard industry such as entertainment. His rise to prominence can translate to young up-and-comers who wish to try and do anything under the sun. Plus, Ramos’ “everyday guy” appeal makes that dream even more attainable.

Anthony Ramos has become one of Hollywood’s rising stars in recent years. The success of Hamilton pushed him into the mainstream, but In the Heights is building up to be his true breakthrough. If the big-budget musical film is a momentous success, the actor-singer could be a prominent figure in Hollywood within the next decade. By achieving that, Ramos can serve as a vessel for young people to aspire to be.

Anthony Ramos’ need to inspire others can be seen in his work. The actor will be able to inspire young Latinos when In the Heights premieres on June 17 in theaters and on HBO Max.

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