Thunder Force’s Melissa McCarthy Recalls Ad-Libbing Sexually Charged Bridesmaid Line In Front Of Random Extra

Melissa McCarthy laughing, with a drink in her hand, in Bridesmaids.

Years after audiences latch onto mega successful movies like director Paul Feig’s Bridesmaids, there’s some lines that stick to the minds of fans. And in the case of Melissa McCarthy, one particular line was an ad-libbed moment of sexual energy in front of a random extra. So naturally, when the Thunder Force star was reminded of this magic moment, she had to share just how climbing a man like a tree came to be a moment no one would ever forget.

In a fun game during their interview with PopSugar, Thunder Force duo Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer quizzed each other about some random lines from past roles. For Spencer, one such moment recalled a piece of dialogue from her time on the set of the Academy Award winner The Shape of Water. But for McCarthy, her intent to romance a random extra on the Bridesmaids set supplied the magic words of the moment. Which came to pass thanks to the following inspiration, and resulted in her telling a stranger shed like to climb him like a tree. She explained,

I remember the poor gentleman. All he did was pass and I said that. That would be Bridesmaids. He was just a sweet gentleman in the background and he made a cross in front of me and I thought, ‘That seems like the right thing to say.’

Playing the Bridesmaids character of Megan Price, a role that almost went to co-star Rebel Wilson, Melissa McCarthy landed a breakout performance through brute comedic force. A woman who wasn’t afraid to conquer the world and its men with her filterless personality, McCarthy would even land an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress in the film. A lot of memories and a versatile career all came from this place in time, thanks to the scene shown below that shows the very ad-lib she fessed up to.

To be perfectly honest, the gentleman extra in this Bridesmaids scene is playing the moment off like a champion himself. Such was the alchemic nature of Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and the insanely talented roster of talent that served under Paul Feig’s steady hand. And in the end, Bridesmaids was made all the more memorable because McCarthy was quick on her feet, playing the hand she and her co-stars were dealt.

In the moment, Melissa McCarthy’s big Bridesmaids ad-lib might have led to a moment of discomfort. Then again, the actor may not have thought any differently about Ms. McCarthy’s fictitious desire to climb him like a tree. No matter what the result, those comedy instincts have kept her at the forefront of the comedy game in the years that followed. Which is part of why Thunder Force is currently available on Netflix, should you want to see some of the antics that Melissa McCarthy got into with Octavia Spencer. Though if you want to watch Bridesmaids, Peacock has you covered on that end.

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