Halle Berry Jokes About Her Bad ‘Radar’ For Relationships And Why She’s Drawn To The Wrong Guys

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Now well into her fifties (yes really), Halle Berry has learned a lot about life, love, and how to film an action sequence over the course of her long Hollywood career. She’s recently gotten personal with her “Bad and Booshy” videos with pal Lindsay Flores and in Episode 10, she and Flores touched on how they approach relationships, with Berry joking about how “obviously” bad her radar is following the end of marriage #3.

In the episode, both Halle Berry and Lindsay Flores were asked asked about having the ability to tell who the real people in their lives are from the fake ones, and Halle Berry admitted it’s absolutely not her strong suit. The two touched on Berry’s penchant for being too trusting and often choosing people who aren’t really a good fit for her, noting on Instagram,

Halle Berry: I’m always willing to give somebody a chance. Like they’re so nice and they’re so… why you gotta be like ‘ick’?Lindsay Flores: Because you don’t always see the forest through the trees.Berry: OBVIOUSLY.Flores: I’ve got a way better radar than you.Berry: You do. Three divorces… but I always am trying to see the good in everybody. Like, I’m like, ‘Well, they seem nice.’ I’m always trusting.

The two went on to joke that Lindsay Flores is the exact opposite when it comes to letting people into her life, with Berry noting that being that way isn’t always great, either. She says Flores has a problem where she always thinks everyone has an “agenda,” which Flores denies. It’s an interesting conversation though, as it shows how two friends can see things totally from an opposite perspective.

As Halle Berry noted herself, she’s been divorced a whopping three times. Things did not work out with David Justice, her first husband from the nineties. She was then married to Eric Benét until 2005, when she started dating model Gabriel Aubry. They never married, but did have a child together who was a part of a high-profile custody case that made headlines after Halle Berry married her fourth husband Olivier Martinez and wanted to move her daughter to France.

That custody battle grew even more complicated after Gabriel Aubry and Olivier Martinez got into some sort of physical altercation over the issue at Halle Berry’s residence that was widely publicized. Martinez and Berry were engaged shortly thereafter, had a son together, but were also divorced by 2015. And it was only earlier in 2021 that some of her custody issues with Aubry were officially settled. Now, she’s even open about noting that she perhaps has not always picked the right people for long-term relationships.

Though, it's worth noting her comments about relationships came a few days after Halle Berry herself posted a nice behind-the-scenes look at a quiet moment with her new beau Van Hunt.

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For some time now, Halle Berry has been in a relationship with musician Van Hunt that seems to be going swimmingly. The John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum actress got cheeky with her man on Valentine’s Day earlier this year and has not been shy about sharing her affection for Hunt in recent weeks either. Here’s hoping that this time Halle Berry’s ‘radar’ for relationships was right on the money.

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