Fast And Furious Video Recaps All The Explosive Action Ahead Of F9

It's rare to see a major movie franchise make it to a ninth installment, without being a horror franchise that has been largely driven into the ground already. And yet, a ninth Fast and Furious movie is about to come out. Fans have been waiting a year longer than they thought they would for F9, but it seems like the hype level is still quite high, meaning the movie will likely be an even bigger hit than several of other entries in the franchise. And now the property has offered a recap video of all the explosive action.

That's incredibly impressive for a ninth movie, and it shows just how far the series has come. And if you need a refresher in just how far it has come, there's a new video here to catch you up. You can check it out above.

Universal Pictures has released a sizzle reel of all things Fast & Furious. If you haven't seen any of the movies, this isn't the sort of thing that's going to catch you up on the plot. Rather, it's just a collection of the coolest, most exciting, and most insane moments that the franchise has delivered so far. Just in case you forgot about the time that The Rock diverted a torpedo with his bare hands or Vin Diesel and Paul Walker pulled a massive bank safe through city streets with a pair of muscle cars.

It is more than a little wild to see in just under two minutes how far the Fast & Furious franchise has come. At the beginning, it was about street racers committing thefts. What was a comparatively small franchise, in scope, lasted for years on the success of its racing sequences. And then, about a decade ago, Fast Five came out and the series shifted to something much more epic. That movie was a massive hit and since then Fast and Furious has been about creating the most insane car based stunts possible.

The above video ends with one of the insane stunts that we'll see in F9. Dom and Letty in a car that swings out in the open air like Tarzan on a vine. We've seen that sequence before in other trailers. We know they'll survive the whole thing in some completely insane and unbelievable way, finding out exactly what that will be is part of the fun.

Interestingly, the video is from the UK side of Universal Pictures and that makes the most interesting thing about this video the fact that the movie is apparently being called Fast & Furious 9 in the UK, rather than the slightly bizarre F9 that we're using here. It's a title that makes a lot more sense. F9 is fine as far is goes but out of context you'd never know it was part of the same series. Whatever you call it, the ninth Fast and Furious movie will be in theaters June 25.

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