Halle Berry Channeling Her Catwoman Days With New Catsuit

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Believe it or not, it’s been over 15 years since Halle Berry first donned the world’s most famous catsuit for her Catwoman solo movie, directed by Pitof. There’s still plenty of room for her to get a little frisky, however, and the star recently jumped into some big cat-themed gear to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. Drinks? Check. Great outfit? Double check.

While technically a bodysuit given her legs are covered by boots and not the clothing item itself, it’s still a leopard print, which makes this very much a catsuit in my book. Or maybe rather a “cat” suit. Take a look.

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Come for the images and stay for the caption, which Halle Berry also had a little fun with. She noted she was “hitting all the right spots.” Get it? Spots joke, because it is animal printed. Classic.

Really though, get you some animal print that makes you look as good as Halle Berry. If I looked that nice in a bodysuit, I probably would have celebrated Cinco de Mayo more thoroughly as well. The actress, set to star in the upcoming film Moonfall from Roland Emmerich, makes no bones about the fitness-related work she has put in and continues to put in to prep and do most of her stunts for roles including the recent John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum. The 54-year-old actress shares how she puts in the work on the regular and I wouldn't call her workouts something capable for beginners:

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Of course, when it comes to cat-related fashion gear, Halle Berry is obviously most known for playing the most famous feline comics villain, Catwoman. She’s not the only major celebrity to take on a live-action Catwoman in recent years, though Anne Hathaway and Michelle Pfeiffer both rocked out the catsuit for Batman movies and not solo endeavours. Zoë Kravitz will also take on the role in Matt Reeves’ upcoming film The Batman.

While Halle Berry has spoken out about “not feeling quite right” with the script for Catwoman, her flick is still an example of a pre-MCU and DCEU female-led superhero/antiheroine flick, which makes it notable. Plus she was able to learn to crack a whip for the role, so it wasn’t all a lost cause. But if you’re wondering why Halle Berry’s throwback Instagram posts usually don’t involve the DC character, her feelings on the movie may explain why.

Halle Berry Cinco de Mayo Instagram Stories

Halle Berry also celebrated Cinco De Mayo with some fun drinks and a caption about living her best -- and often pants-free -- life on Instagram Stories. And even though she’s back to work these days, there’s still been plenty of time for some fun and for some romance with her new beau Van Hunt. We may still be in the first part of 2021, but I can’t wait to see what Ms. Berry brings our way next, whether or not more animal print or movie throwbacks are on the way.

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