Evanna Lynch Visited The New Harry Potter Butterbeer Store, Reveals Why She Thinks The Experience Is So Special

Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter

Harry Potter has established itself as one of the most beloved and successful franchises in pop culture. Fans literally grew up with the series, aging with the characters and the stars that played them, like Tom Felton and Emma Watson. The series has spawned a spin-off movie franchise with Fantastic Beasts, which still moves along with its third installment despite setbacks and cast shake-ups. The cast of the original movies is still fond of the time they spent in the Harry Potter Universe. Luna actress Evanna Lynch has recently revealed why she thinks the experience of visiting the new Harry Potter Butterbeer store is so special.

Evanna Lynch played Luna Lovegood, a character fans wished played a bigger role in the books, recently visited a new butterbeer bar in New York and gave her impressions of the experience. Lynch took in the new store that is dripping with the essence of everything fans love about the wizarding world. Evanna Lynch described the feeling of experiencing the new butterbeer bar and what it means for the Harry Potter universe, telling AMNY.com:

It feels like coming home. It’s really exciting to see the universe expanding seeing the Fantastic Beasts part and the Harry Potter world being connected.

Luna Lovegood herself, Evanna Lynch gives an enthusiastic and nostalgic take on the new butterbeer bar, saying it “feels like home." Spending so many formative years working on the Harry Potter movies was a special experience, and Evanna Lynch experienced a mini homecoming in the Harry Potter-themed store.

Evanna Lynch also was excited to see the bridge being gapped between the main Harry Potter movies and the Fantastic Beast spinoffs. Lynch was happy to see that the connection between the two was seamlessly brought to life in the store, and surely fans will appreciate it as well. There’s nothing like a real place you can physically go to experience your favorite worlds, and the new Butterbeer-themed store and store seems like the perfect place for fans to get their Wizarding World fix.

Evanna Lynch describes the new store as an immersive experience, and it really feels like you just entered a store in Diagon Alley. It is nice to see former cast members excited and proud to be a part of the world they helped bring to life. Once the store opens in June, fans will be able to experience the new butterbeer store and finally taste the iconic drink from the series.

Harry Potter will remain one of the biggest franchises out there, and fans are expecting to see new movies in the Harry Potter universe and, eventually, a new adaption to the original books. Fans waiting for the third Fantastic Beasts movie can rest assured it won’t be the last dive into the wide world of Harry Potter.

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