I'm So Excited For How Excited Jennifer Lawrence Is That Ben Affleck And JLo Seem Back Together

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in Gigli and Jennifer Lawrence in Joy
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One of the biggest Hollywood stories to come out this month is word that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, a.k.a. Bennifer, might be back on. In the wake of JLo’s recent breakup with Alex Rodriguez, she was recently photographed with Affleck on vacation in Montana, leading the relationship rumors to swirl and actors such as Matt Damon to weigh in. Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence recently was on air when the news broke, and her first reaction was amazing.

We haven’t heard a ton from JLaw recently since the actress has been taking a much deserved break from the spotlight following a whirlwind decade with the Hunger Games and X-Men franchises, as well as plenty of Oscar buzz. But she did guest on the podcast The Bitch Bible when Bennifer’s return was leaked. Check out her hilarious response:

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The actress was on the comedy podcast on the low-key this week, as the title of the show calls her “Jennifer Aniston” and the host Jackie Schimmel refers to her as “Jennifer Garner,” but that’s undoubtedly Jennifer Lawrence on the line with her. She must have been browsing the internet when she read the news and she blurted it out to the podcast. To keep the other Jennifer's bit going, she asks her how she as “Jennifer Garner” feels about it and she cannot contain her excitement. Here’s what she said:

Breaking fucking news: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are back together, they’re on vacation with each other right now. I’m so excited, I’m so happy for them.

Jennifer Lawrence must have grown up to see the stars fall in love on the set of Gigli in 2001 before getting engaged in 2002 and then breaking things off in 2004. The relationship was a major celebrity story that was constantly on the cover of magazines and tabloids. From there, Ben Affleck married Jennifer Garner, had three kids together and divorced in 2018. Affleck recently dated Knives Out’s Ana de Armas until earlier this year when they broke up.

Jennifer Lopez also got married and had two kids with Marc Anthony, before they also got divorced and she moved on with A-Rod. After a long-delayed engagement, the couple split up officially, claiming they would be “better as friends.” So here we are; Ben Affleck is single, Jennifer Lopez is single and they were definitely on vacation together in Montana. Come on, it’s kind of a cute story, and Jennifer Lawrence is all for it too!

Aside from geeking out about Bennifer like all of us, Jennifer Lawrence is set to return to her day job as an actor this year with Netflix’s Don’t Look Up alongside a number of exciting upcoming JLaw projects.

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