A-Rod's Response When Asked About Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck's Reported Vacation Together

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck smiling in Gigli

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez's breakup was big news for fans of the couple, and for pop culture as a whole. But that relationship has already quietly faded in the distance as rumors surrounding Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's alleged rekindling have taken over headlines. With that said, it hasn’t stopped the public from wondering about Rodriguez’s take on the news. Now, the media has gotten the former baseball player’s response to Lopez and Affleck’s reported vacation together, and it's kind of a hoot.

Page Six reported that the former New York Yankee was spotted out in Miami while having lunch with longtime Jennifer Lopez associate Stevie Mackey. When asked about his feelings regarding his ex’s alleged romantic getaway with Affleck, Alex Rodriguez chose not to feed into the type, and the ex-baseballer simply answered with:

Go Yankees.

While Alex Rodriguez’s response might be seen as bizarre, it’s at least a good PR move. If he had commented truthfully on Jennifer Lopez’s love life, Rodriguez could’ve been seen as either a scorned ex or a sad sap, depending on his response. That would have fed into the overall narrative surrounding Lopez's private life, and likely wouldn't have helped anyone. Plus, A-Rod and J.Lo could seemingly still be in business together somehow, as evidenced by his meet-up with Mackey.

But in any case, it appears as if the Bennifer reunion may have ended Alex Rodriguez’s alleged plans to try and revisit his relationship with Jennifer Lopez. According to a source close to Lopez, he was attempting everything to get the entertainer back on a romantic level, but it hadn’t been working. The source said:

He truly thought they would be able to make it work and reconnect. He has been reaching out to J.Lo trying to meet with her and she has been very short with him.

At this point, it seems clear that the romantic ship for Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez has sailed for the moment. As previously mentioned, the only real connection between the exes would be through business ventures. Plus, it appears Lopez and Ben Affleck’s reunion is starting to heat up, at least if their Montana vacation is proof.

As the rumors continue to fuel headlines, anybody and everybody in and around Ben and Jen's social circles is being asked about the allegedly rekindled relationship. Jersey Girl director Kevin Smith has been sharing his feelings on Twitter about the former couple’s reunion. Even Ben Affleck’s best friend Matt Damon was asked for his take on the rumors, though even he was unsure if the public's assumptions are true. Damon’s response fell right in line with close sources who remain uncertain about Bennifer’s status. Some have said Lopez and Affleck are “just friends” while others claim that the duo is “much more like a couple.”

Given the confusion over Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s status, Alex Rodriguez is likely no longer a major player for those fascinated with Lopez’s love life. But it appears the former New York Yankee is more concerned with other parts of his life. Hopefully, once the smoke clears, Lopez and Rodriguez will be able to decide for themselves what their future is. And in the meantime, go Yankees.

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