Details On Jennifer Lopez's Reported Vacation With Ben Affleck After A-Rod Split Are Coming Out

As Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been spotted together quite a bit lately, the rumors have been flying around like crazy. The former couple known as “Bennifer” are getting the folks at home talking about whether or not they’re reuniting as a couple, or if they’re just catching up on recent events in the wake of her split with former fiancé Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez. In either case, Lopez and Affleck allegedly went on a vacation together to Montana, and some recent reporting suggests that there may have been some romance in the air.

Why would such a momentous reunion even be hinted at being an option? Well, according to TMZ’s information, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck took a trip to a resort in Montana. And throughout that entire trip to the same resort, the pair was seen driving around together, as well as eventually flying home to LA together. As if things weren’t confusing enough, depending on which supposed source you speak to, the Shotgun Wedding and Deep Water stars are either “just friends,” or “seemed very much like a couple.” Yeah, this isn’t confusing at all.

At the turn of the millennium, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were the dream couple who supposedly made nightmare movies. With both Gigli and Jersey Girl being slammed by critics, and the latter film being retooled both before and in the wake of their huge split, their pairing was one of the most infamous of its time. But both Lopez and Affleck moved on into other relationships, forging their own paths as superstars and scoring hits independently.

But naturally, the internet can get a bit nostalgic at times. So it’s not surprising that there are some who would want to see the Bennifer union restored, in light of Jennifer Lopez's new relationship status. Though it’s still relatively early since both Lopez and Ben Affleck have broken their recent relationships off, with Affleck’s split from No Time To Die star/Deep Water co-star Ana de Armas only happening towards the beginning of the year. Ideally, both parties may want to take some time to deconstruct their last pairings before starting anew, but one can never know how love’s course truly works.

Whether they’re rekindling a romance, or just getting friendly in the light of recent history, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck associating with each other is still something nice to see. Not all couples, especially celebrities whose lives are under such intense scrutiny, have the ability to be agreeable when all is said and done. It all adds up to an interesting scenario that fans will definitely be looking for updates on, but no matter how it turns out, the friendly climate overall between Lopez and Affleck seems like a big win for all involved.

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