Mask Life Not Always A Pro For Celebs As Oblivious TikToker Told Adam Sandler He'd Need To Wait 30 Minutes For IHOP

Adam Sandler holding ping pong paddle

As devastating as the pandemic that's plagued the world for the past year has been, it has proven to have some upsides for celebrities. They are able to hide their identity and blend in with us normies a little better since half of their face is hidden by a mask, which actually allows them a bit more breathing room than if they were non-masked. But there seems to be one exception regarding this rule of masks helping celebrities out with fans, as Adam Sandler went to an IHOP, and the oblivious TikToker host, unable to recognize him as the comedic genius he is due to his mask, told him his wait would be 30 minutes.

The host must have realized who she had been talking to at some point, because she posted a video to her TikTok with the clown filter on herself, admitting to her mistake. The TikTok also shows camera footage from the front of the IHOP of her talking to Adam Sandler, apparently giving him the unfortunate news that his wait for a table would be half an hour. You can check out her post here:


If you were expecting a celebrity meltdown due to the wait, you’ll be disappointed. Being the stand-up guy that he is, Adam Sandler didn’t make a fuss at all. Instead, he just left. His departure, however, spurred the TikTok in question, and the host pleads with the actor in her caption of “Pleaseee come back”. Apparently she’s a fan, just not a big enough one to recognize him.

I’ll be honest, I’m not about to wait for IHOP either unless I’m pretty drunk, and it doesn’t seem like Adam Sandler was impaired at all. In fact, it appears that he is standing with his daughter in the footage. Although, as the TikToker in question knows, it’s kind of hard to tell who is who when everyone is wearing a mask.

Even though it is hard to recognize people when they are wearing their pandemic safety gear, it’s still pretty easy to make out that it is, indeed, Adam Sandler in the video. That thin smile of his isn’t visible, but his iconic egg head is unmistakable.

Even though the idea of a celebrity getting special treatment at a restaurant can come off as a little pretentious, I think we can forgive it this time seeing as it didn’t even happen in the first place, and it’s Adam Sandler, who is known for being pretty down to Earth for a celebrity and a great guy to work with. Also, because it’s IHOP. and there really is nothing critically acclaimed about that place no matter how you spin it.

In fact, I think this whole situation speaks volumes about what kind of celebrity Adam Sandler really is. He’s the type of guy who has a networth of millions and still wants to go to IHOP, and when the wait is pretty lengthy, he doesn’t make a fuss. He’s pretty much a real life Mr. Deeds - and there’s really no downside to that! I wouldn’t be surprised if the host/TikToker sees him again in the future trying to get his IHOP fix.

Carlie Hoke
Content Writer

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