Netflix's The Ice Road Trailer: Liam Neeson Goes Full Fast And Furious In One Of His Final Action Roles

Over the past decade, Liam Nesson has become one of Hollywood’s most reliable action stars. Whether it’s godly epics, saving his family from traffickers, or tackling the elements for revenge, the Oscar nominee has done it all at this point. But his latest Netflix film The Ice Road might give the Fast and Furious a run for its money. Once again, Neeson must fight against nature to save lives. The movie will be streaming soon, and the trailer for the Netflix film has dropped online.

In the upcoming film, Liam Nesson teams up with fellow Oscar nominee Laurence Fishburne to rescue miners trapped in a Canadian diamond mine. They, along with a rag-tag team of truckers, must come together to cross a thawing ice road to save the miners in less than 30 hours. The pressure is on – but unbeknownst to the team, corporate interests and secrets will make their rescue mission even harder.

From the look of the trailer, The Ice Road crew is up against harsh obstacles from all sides as they try to save lives. Seeing Liam Neeson and Laurence Fishburne use all their connections and know-how looks like a thrilling and dangerous ride for viewers. Nesson, Fishburne and their team face conflict from all sides: a dangerous titular ice road, personal interests, and shady corporate entities.

While the trailer teases intense action and surprising plot twists, it looks like teamwork will be a key aspect of the story as Liam Neeson and Laurence Fishburne lead the life-saving rescue mission. While the two stars serve as the anchors in the cast, the talented supporting players also raise excitement. Benjamin Walker, Amber Midthunder and Marcus Thomas round out the ensemble as they make the journey across the ice road. Veteran actors Matt McCoy and Matt Salinger are set up to play the human antagonists in the plot.

As previously mentioned, The Ice Road is one of Liam Neeson’s last action films. The reason for his retirement from action flicks has more to do with his age, according to the actor. The Oscar nominee has elevated everything from the Taken series to Non-Stop to Marksman with little effort and big returns. But the Netflix action thriller isn’t Neeson’s last go round in the genre, as he will appear in the thriller Memory, which is currently in production.

As Liam Neeson said, it’s time for him to move on from action movies at this point in his career to spend time in other arenas. If you want to watch and support one of Neeson’s last roles in the genre, The Ice Road will arrive on Netflix on June 25.

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