Wait, Is Disneyland Resort Really Going To Sell A $100 Sandwich?

Pym-ini sandwich from Avengers Campus at Disney california Adventure

Going to Disneyland can be expensive. I feel like that's not exactly a controversial statement. The theme park tickets aren't cheap. Buying merchandise inside the park isn't cheap either. And in recent years we've seen elements of Disney Parks only get more expensive. If you want to do the custom lightsaber experience at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, that's going to cost you more than $200. That's quite simply out of the price range of many people. Food in the parks certainly can get expensive too. But people are sort of freaking out right now because Disney California Adventure's menu for the Pym Test Kitchen includes a $100 sandwich, which seems insane. It's true, the sandwich does exist, but there's a bit more to it than that.

If you look at the menu which is currently available online at the Disneyland website for the Pym Test Kitchen, the primary food location in Avengers Campus, the new land opening June 4, there is a line item for what's called the Quantum-sized Pym-ini Sandwich. It's a salami and ham panini sandwich, and yes, it costs $99.99. However, if you actually read the entire menu description, you'll notice something sort of important. Read the whole thing.

Quantum Sandwich listing from Avengers Campus Menu

The Quantum-sized Pym-ini Sandwich is a sandwich designed to serve 6-8 people. Yes, it costs a lot, but it's also huge. Because all the food at the location is part of the Pym Test Kitchen, everything you'll find there is designed to be look like it's been enlarged with Pym Particles. The Not So Little Chicken Sandwich appears to be a regular sized chicken sandwich, but it's served with a bun that would be more at home on a slider, making the chicken patty appear to be massive. The Impossible Spoonful is a pasta dish that includes a massive (Impossible) meatball that looks like it's about the size of a softball.

There is, in fact, a normal Pym-ini sandwich, made with all the same stuff, that's all of $14.49, a pretty normal price for a sandwich in a theme park. The Quantum-sized version breaks down to between $16.67 and $12.50 depending on whether you're trying to feed six or eight people. So it's right in line with what buying an equal number of standard size sandwiches would cost. It's actually the cheaper route if you're serving seven or more people.

Honestly, the biggest issues with ordering the Quantum-sized Pym-ini Sandwich that I see are having enough people in your party to make this feasible, especially considering we're not entirely done with social distancing yet, and having all those people agree that they want to eat the same thing for lunch. My wife and I can't agree on the same sandwich most of the time. If you have the buy-in among your friends, then I think you're obligated to buy the giant sandwich.

So yes, this is an incredibly expensive sandwich on the menu, but you can get the exact same sandwich for a reasonable price, so it's not that big a deal. It's just Disneyland Resort having some fun with the theme behind the quick service location to create something unusual you certainly won't find outside of Disneyland. And the sandwich looks pretty good. Next time I can go to Disneyland with a big group of my friends, I would totally order this. It will be available to you when the Pym Test Kitchen opens with Avengers Campus June 4.

Dirk Libbey
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