Viral Video Goes Full Final Destination After Logs Crash Through A Windshield, And The Internet Has Thoughts

A.J. Cook tries to explain her fears to a trooper in Final Destination 2.

If you’re a horror fan of a certain era, you and your friends have had the talk where you’ve agreed to never drive behind a logging truck hauling its wares. And the answer why is simple: because the opening to 2003’s Final Destination 2 taught you not to gamble with the lives of yourself, and your passengers, in such a way. That teachable moment has become ever important yet again, as the internet now has thoughts about a viral video that revealed the aftermath of a log crashing into a truck’s windshield.

Thankfully, it looks like no one’s been hurt in the TikTok that’s been making the rounds. It didn’t take long for this chilling accident to bring back memories of where Final Destination 2’s Kimberly Corman (A.J. Cook) and her pals cheated death. And as you’ll see towards the end of the video’s contents, even those present at the scene understood this:


Looking at where that log stopped its penetration of the vehicle’s windshield, it seems pretty lucky that there looks to be no actual carnage to speak of. If you thought that this Final Destination 2 style moment wasn’t going to blow up on the internet, that’s indeed a lie. With plenty of eyes seeing the fallout, a lot of talks have been had about how the driver probably wasn’t a millennial, and for this exact reason:

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That’s not to say that this is a lesson exclusive to younger moviegoers, even though Final Destination has crossed its 20th anniversary off the books as of last year. In fact, anyone who’s internet savvy probably can take this lesson to heart. Case in point is the next fan who reacted to this event, complete with the most appropriately gory GIF from the actual scene.

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Now, any good Final Destination fan knows that after avoiding a brush with death, there’s one person you need to seek out. Which means fans were quick to call out legendary actor Tony Todd to alert him to this event, as his character, coroner William Bludworth, has always been on hand to dole out advice to the would-be victims of each installment. Invoked by name on Twitter, Mr. Todd even shared this next reaction that made him aware of the situation:

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Because of this Final Destination 2 flavored event, the name of the franchise went trending in the social media universe. Which is probably good news for any prospects in trying to reboot or continue the series, as we’ve seen New Line Cinema try to do in the past. However, it’s also why our final reaction is the funniest, as Final Destination creator Jeffrey Reddick saw the boost in popularity, and highlighted a silver lining in this otherwise frightening scenario:

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As it’s uncertain whether the last reported details for the Final Destination franchise are still potentially accurate, it’s good to know that the series is still highly regarded by its fans. It’s even better to know that no one seems to have been hurt in this close call, and that a good laugh can be had by all. Though, if Tony Todd gets in touch with the driver behind the wheel of that particular vehicle, you know there’s bound to be even more nervous laughter shared throughout the internet as a result.

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