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Final Destination 6’s Plot Has Possibly Been Revealed, And Wow

Devon Sawa in Final Destination
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Between the return of Halloween and Child’s Play, as well as Leigh Whannell’s recent success rebooting The Invisible Man for a modern audience, it seems as if the hunger for more re-imaginings and resurrections from the horror genre is more lively than ever. One fan-favorite franchise that plans to creep around the corner is Final Destination.

Over a year ago, it was announced Final Destination 6 was in the works from the writers of Saw, Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan. Now one of the producers of the franchise, Craig Perry, is teasing what the upcoming movie might be about. In Perry’s words:

We're toying with having it take place in the world of first responders: EMTs, firemen and police. These people deal with death on the front lines every day, and make choices that can cause people to live or die. We rely on their good judgement, expertise and calm demeanor. So why not put those people in the nightmare situation where every choice can bring about life and death – but now for themselves? We're thinking that world might be an interesting way into a Final Destination movie, and one which can also generate unique set pieces in a very credible way.

Well, this is a completely new approach. The Final Destination franchise has often revolved around a slew of young people who find themselves attempting to escape death after someone involved in a massive accident has a premonition about their fate and stops it from happening. It sounds like Final Destination 6 will aim to center the story of first responders, who often have lives in their hands everyday. That could certainly add a layer to the upcoming movie.

However, Craig Perry’s words to Digital Spy seem to suggest that the next Final Destination is some time away. “Toying with” makes it sound like the script is still in early development over a year after the movie was announced. It could be a while before we see this vision come to life, but at least we have a bit of an idea of the film's intended direction.

Final Destination’s original writer, Jeffrey Reddick, also teased the next film in the franchise, and he couldn’t help but give away a small detail about one of the planned deaths. Here’s what he said:

Craig is the master of coming up with crazy openings and set pieces. He's told me a couple of things that happen in this one and it's going to be a lot of fun. It's not going to feel like a cash-grab Final Destination film… I don’t think anybody will look at a revolving door in the same way again.

Oof! An entire generation of audiences from the early 2000s are still reliving moments from the original movies as is. I can’t be the only one who still thinks of Final Destination 4 whenever I go through an automated car wash, right? The first film just celebrated its 20th anniversary,with Devon Sawa pointing out this striking similarity between his current life in quarantine and a scene in the movie.

Besides another Final Destination, it’s recently been announced that Blumhouse is working on Paranormal Activity 7 and the directors behind Ready Or Not are rebooting the Scream franchise.

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