No Big Deal, Just Brie Larson Crushing A One-Armed Pull-Up As She Preps For The Marvels

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

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The public is used to actors who play superheroes getting into awesome shape and showing off their massive muscles, both in the Marvel and DC universes. We can’t exactly miss the size of Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam back muscles or Chris Hemsworth’s god-like biceps, but the super ladies don’t get as much credit for their physical prowesses. Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson is having none of that as she shows off a killer one armed pull-up while getting into shape for The Marvels.

Brie Larson has had quite the superhero transformation since getting cast as Captain Marvel in the MCU, and she’s not quitting now. The actress shared a video to her Instagram that shows the actress completing a few one armed pull-ups, which she says is a goal she’s had while getting in superhero shape. Check Larson out below in all her Captain Marvel glory:

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It appears as if this may be the first time she’s achieved this goal, and was able to capture it on camera to share with her many fans. This is an awesome feat, and I dare anyone who says different to try it for themselves. You can really see how fulfilling it is to reach a goal after working toward it for so long, because Brie Larson is absolutely thrilled after her pull-up and can be seen jumping around with pride at the end of the video.

Brie Larson's time in the MCU can be seen on Disney+. You can use this link to sign up for the streaming service.

Brie Larson's not the only one proud of herself, because the comments are full of fans with encouraging words, congratulations, and even awe. One commenter hilariously says that Brie Larson is over here doing one armed pull ups and she can’t even walk up a set of stairs. Other commenters are throwing out affectionate terms like “beast mode” and “hoss”. It would seem that fans are thrilled about how seriously Larson is taking the role of arguably the most powerful MCU hero.

Brie Larson is one of the newer additions to the MCU, her first appearance being in Captain Marvel near the end of Phase 3. She had a small yet vital role in Avengers: Endgame but will come back full force in The Marvels. That's the official title of the Captain Marvel sequel set for Phase 4, which kicked off with the addition of Marvel’s Disney+ series WandaVision back in January.

The Marvels will see a familiar face from WandaVision, and is set to release on November 22nd of next year, making Brie Larson’s appearance again in the second half of the current Phase. Larson is not currently announced to be appearing in any other Phase 4 films or any of the Disney+ series.

This little break will allow for plenty more training and more time for Brie Larson to reach more work out goals. It will be interesting to see what a difference 3 years makes with training for a superhero body.

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