I Don’t Know How They Got Tom Felton To Hawk All This Harry Potter Gear But I Dig It

Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy

Whatever else Tom Felton does in his life, he will always be associated with the massively successful Harry Potter movies. The good news is he seems largely cool with that. Felton has a lot of fans that love him from those movies and he's embraced the franchise in a big way. He's certainly not the only one. There are still millions of fans who love the Wizarding World franchise. They love the movies, they visit the theme park, and now they can visit a Harry Potter store. And if Felton is anything to go by, the clothing there looks pretty good.

If you don't have a chance to go to one of the Universal Studios theme parks or take the Harry Potter tour in England, there's a new place to get your Wizarding World fix as a new Harry Potter flagship store just opened up in New York City. Tom Felton promoted the store's opening by putting on a little fashion show on Instagram, showing off some of the cool clothing and even enjoying a glass of butterbeer. Check it out.

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Tom Felton gets back in a set of Slytherin robes in the clip, though I'm guessing most of wouldn't be able to pull off those robes quite as well as he does. Still, the video is fun and it's cool to see some of the stuff that's available now in the Harry Potter store. And if Tom Felton ever has a break between acting gigs he could probably make some money as a professional Instagram influencer.

Tom Felton has been promoting the new Harry Potter store a bit in recent days leading up to its grand opening. He also did a virtual tour of the location which shows off just how massive it is. Any Harry Potter fan who finds themselves in New York is going to want to check this place out. In addition to having all the Harry Potter stuff you might want to own, from clothing to candy to jewelry, the place is decorated with lots of models and props that could have come right out of the films.

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Previously the only places to get Harry Potter merch at quite this level was if your were visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at one of the Universal Studios theme parks, or the studio tour in the UK where much of the movies were filmed. And those places have ticket prices attached that make them not the most efficient option if all you want to do is buy a wand or a robe or a t-shirt. At least at a place like this you can just pay for the Harry Potter stuff you actually want to own.

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