Ryan Reynolds Had The Best Response After Hugh Jackman Went Full Katniss Everdeen With Archery

As the world continues to slowly but surely march towards the normal state of things, some are still folding new hobbies and skills into their routines. Star of the upcoming Warner Bros film Reminiscence Hugh Jackman is no exception, as the actor has revealed that he’s taken up archery in a new social media post. Which led to a beautiful bit of normalcy, as Jackman going full Katniss Everdeen caused friendly rival/actor Ryan Reynolds to provide only the best Hunger Games themed response for fans of their feud.

Hugh Jackman shared that photo in question on his Instagram, and naturally Mr. Reynolds trolled his frequent sparring partner in the comments. But before we talk about this beautiful sign that nature is indeed healing, let’s take a look at that Jackman photo. Shared below, you can see what inspired Ryan Reynolds to snark his comedic rival, and why a Hunger Games project with Hugh Jackman might not be a bad idea:

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Depicted above is Hugh Jackman taking aim for an off-camera target, with an archery set up firmly in hand. It’s a striking image, and one has to wonder whether Jackman has taken up the bow and arrow for a project or just for the fun of it. That’s not really a concern for Ryan Reynolds though, as he’s taken time out during the run up to his next film The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard to give Hugh Jackman a good ribbing. Cue the Hunger Games joke:

Excited for the Marvel/Hunger Games crossover cash-grab trilogy.

While Hugh Jackman has retired from his role as the pre-MCU Wolverine from the classic X-Men series, that hasn’t stopped Ryan Reynolds from coming up with an interesting way to cross paths with his friendly foe. The inclusion of Deadpool into the Marvel Cinematic Universe seems to be inching closer with every day, so you can bet there’ll be tons of questions pertaining to a potential Jackman/Reynolds pairing. Now thanks to Ryan Reynolds’ quick wit, a new plot line has presented itself in this ever evolving matter.

Now by no realistic means does it seem like a possibility that The Hunger Games will crossover with the MCU. It’d be easier to cross the Fast Saga with the Jurassic World franchise than to make this dream happen. But now that Hugh Jackman’s name has been whispered in the same breath as Suzanne Collins’ bestselling YA dystopia franchise, you can bet that some eager exec is thinking of which role in The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes would be the best fit for this Marvel franchise veteran.

And should that fail, there’s one more bright side to Hugh Jackman’s new archery habit. If there’s yet another reboot of Robin Hood in the works, he’ll be a clear favorite for the gig if he hones his skills enough. For now though, you can expect to see Jackman back in action with Reminiscence, when it hits theaters and HBO Max on August 20th; which is only a week after Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy debuts, on August 13th. This feud isn’t going away any time soon, is it?

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