Halloweentown's Kimberly J. Brown Reveals Story Behind Dating Her Disney Love Interest IRL

Halloweentown 2

Okay, ‘90s kids, get ready to have your mind blown in the best way possible. Halloweentown’s leading witch Kimberly J. Brown is dating her on-screen rival Daniel Kountz, who played Kal in Halloweentown II. Brown’s character, Marnie, was smitten with Kal before they became enemies, but it turns out it took a little longer to realize the connection IRL. Brown has now revealed the story behind their relationship post-Disney, and it’s definitely one to tell the kids.

Kimberly J. Brown used a TikTok trend to remind everyone that she and Daniel Kountz are dating by stitching a TikTok that asks the app users to tell the world about something that seems fake about their relationship that’s actually real, and she may have just won the trend. In her TikTok video, Brown says the two had zero romantic feelings for each other on the Disney set and it took ten years for the two to reunite after being a part of the franchise.

If that wasn’t enough of a star-crossed love story, it becomes even more complicated when you consider the nature of their on-screen characters. Kimberly J. Brown played the lead role in the franchise, the good witch Marnie Piper, who pretty much always saves the supernatural world of Halloweentown from ultimate doom. Daniel Kountz, though, plays the son of an evil warlock looking to avenge his father, starting by charming Marnie to steal her grandmother’s spell book. While they may have been at odds on screen, apparently time away from both their roles and each other did wonders in creating a real connection between the two. You can check out the sweet, albeit a bit complicated, story as Brown tells it herself below:


Hold on, did she say 20 years? I refuse to believe the franchise I watch every October is over 20 years old. Fans seem to agree, because a ton of the comments on Kimberly J. Brown's video are focusing on how much time has passed for all us '90s kids. Okay, so it must be true, but you have to admit that the films and Kimberly J. Brown both have aged beautifully, and the fact that the sequel to Halloweentown is two decades old makes this love story even more spectacular.

The way Kimberly J. Brown tells it, the two Disney stars went from completely no real-life connection to being a match made in heaven in their time apart. Honestly, it’s not weird at all that the two didn’t have much interest in each other back then, and actually it would be a little concerning if they did. Brown was just 16 years old when the sequel was released, and would have been younger while filming, while Daniel Kountz was an adult at 22. Yeah, the added 20 years makes that way more acceptable for sure.

While the two stars are still active in Hollywood, their main claim to fame remains in the Halloweentown franchise, which, if you’re anything like me, makes the two actors basically a staple in your life around the spookiest holiday of the year. Of course, we’ll probably have a different experience looking at the on-screen rivals after knowing all about their real life love story - Halloween will never be the same again.

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