Captain America: Civil War Set Video Reveals Blooper Behind Spider-Man’s MCU Entrance

Spider-Man sticking the landing in Captain America: Civil War

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Spider-Man’s MCU entrance in Captain America: Civil War was a moment to rejoice for Marvel fans. While the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield Spider-Man films were great, Tom Holland’s introduction finally brought the web-slinger back home. The action stunts also blew the fandom's collective mind mind, but they weren't as effortless as it seemed in the theatrical cut. A Captain America: Civil War set video revealed a behind-the-scenes blooper in Spider-Man’s MCU entrance.

This amazing Captain America: Civil War blooper came courtesy of stunt performer Marvin Ross. Ross took to his Instagram to share the “blink-and-you-miss-it” outtake of the web-slinger’s MCU entrance. The short clip shows the Tom Holland stunt double making an effortless stunt before a minor slip-up happened. But the best moment of the outtake was Ross’s recovery in the Spider-Man suit. To see Ross’s unbelievable on-set slip-up, check out the amazing clip below:

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Seeing the clip showed just how much effort goes into making those MCU action scenes appear otherworldly. Marvin Ross was able to play off the moment without injuring himself, which is a feat. Ross’s actual slip-up was barely noticeable, but his recovery made the moment seem scripted rather than an outtake. The way he caught himself before sticking the landing spoke to how professional and talented he is as a stunt performer. Honestly, the outtake was so good, it could’ve made the final cut for Spider-Man’s amazing introduction.

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Spider-Man’s MCU entrance was one of the most thrilling moments from the Captain America sequel. Marvin Ross’s stunt performance in the film made Tom Holland’s MCU entrance even more spectacular. While Ross deserves a good portion of the credit, it’s not as if Holland can’t perform such stunts.

Of course, the Spider-Man: No Way Home star has shown on several occasions he's more than capable of such stunts. Whether it was his iconic Lip Sync Battle performance or high-flying stunts, Tom Holland is known as much for his acrobatic and showman skills as his acting chops. As evident by his social media posts, he keeps in shape to perform such stunts. But given the number of action film roles on his resume, the Uncharted star is more than game for such moments. So, his skills and charm made his MCU entrance even more impactful.

Seeing Spider-Man’s appearance in Captain America: Civil War gave Marvel fans their wish of the web-slinger being part of the MCU family. Tom Holland was a breath of fresh air for those wanting the whole Marvel family (i.e., The Fantastic Four and X-Men) to exist in the same universe. As evident by the MCU Spider-Man films, Tom Holland struck (and continues to strike) the perfect balance between teenage awkwardness and acrobatic superhero. So a moment like Ross’ points out how spectacular Holland’s Captain America: Civil War intro was.

Marvin Ross’ Instagram blooper just how important stunt performers are to making the MCU run. If you want to see more of Ross’s work for Spider-Man’s MCU entrance, you stream Captain America: Civil War on Hulu, Disney+ and Prime Video.

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