F9 Premiere: Vin Diesel And The Cast Share Glam Looks And, Of Course, A Nod To Paul Walker

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After multiple delays due to COVID, F9 is finally racing towards the big screen. A year after the original release, the film finally had its premiere with a full red carpet and all. So, of course, everyone had to come out and show their support. For the F9 premiere, Vin Diesel and the cast shared glam looks and even a sweet nod to Paul Walker.

The premiere for F9, one of 2021’s most anticipated releases, brought out most of the film’s stars and, of course, they took to social media to celebrate the long-delayed film’s release. Vin Diesel was among those to commemorate the special occasion, and he did so by taking to his Instagram to recognize his late co-star, Paul Walker. Check out Diesel’s touching tribute to his late co-star below:

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This tribute was a wonderful way to tie Paul Walker to this latest installment, and this isn’t the first tribute Vin Diesel has made to his late co-star ahead the film’s release. For Diesel, Walker was more than just a co-star to him. Diesel has pointed out on several occasions how Walker's memory influenced the ninth installment, and the actor isn’t only when it comes to missing Walker's presence.

In addition to Diesel’s touching Paul Walker tribute, F9 co-star Jordana Brewster also just as sentimental about the film’s release. Brewster decided to make the moment a family affair as seen on her Instagram. She posted a photo of her mom and son posing on the blue carpet for the F9 premiere. After that post, the F9 star chose to share a sweet moment between her son and Vin Diesel. To see the touching moment, check out Brewster’s Instagram post below:

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Jordana Brewster’s posts follow the franchise’s theme of family, but that extends beyond the screen, as seen in the social media interactions between the co-stars. As evidenced by posts like these and others, the cast has become family-like over two decades. But the film’s premiere wasn’t just about family connections but Hollywood glamour as well.

The F9 premiere allowed everyone to show off sleek suits and amazing outfits, and everyone looked fresh. Ludacris took the moment to show off his red carpet look on Instagram. He struck a nice pose with F9 co-star Charlize Theron. Look at the rapper-actor’s behind-the-scenes moment below:

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Ludacris’ photo is a true indicator of how Hollywood is returning to normal after a year without traditional red-carpet premieres or huge events. This premiere, along with the recent one for In The Heights, was nice to witness after a such lengthy period of quarantine and isolation. Overall,, it seems Hollywood is going back to business as usual.

Fans of the franchise won’t have to wait much longer for F9 to drop, as it arrives in theaters on June 25. Along with this release, check out the 2021 summer movie schedule to see what else this summer season has to offer.

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