James Bond Odds: Regé-Jean Page's Chances To Become The New 007 Have Set Tom Hardy Back

Tom Hardy in Venom and Regé-Jean Page in Bridgerton, pictured side by side

There was once a time where the world was so utterly certain that Tom Hardy would become the next James Bond, all betting was suspended on his name. More recently, however, the Venom: Let There Be Carnage actor’s odds fell into a three-way horse race to become Daniel Craig’s successor, with fellow contenders James Norton and former Bridgerton star Regé-Jean Page. But a new update has broken that dead heat, with Page taking a pretty commanding lead, and Hardy falling back to a lesser standing.

Our latest round of James Bond odds comes via The Express, as betting firm Ladbrokes has once again provided an update on the race to become the post-No Time To Die 007. While we’ve seen Regé-Jean Page do quite well for himself during this extended competition, he’s officially hit somewhat of a milestone when it comes to his potential casting. As of this writing, Ladbrokes has Mr. Page at Evens, standing at 1/1 odds to be the actor to step into the tuxedo.

It doesn’t seem like this latest turn of the wheel of fortune is based on any sort of insider information, which was exactly what sources claimed to possess when Tom Hardy was the practically crowned next James Bond year. Meanwhile, Hardy’s previously announced 3/1 odds have now slipped to 4/1, with James Norton slinking back even further to a 5/1 standing.

So we should probably expect some new 007 fan art any day now, only with Regé-Jean Page being front and center as the new James Bond. That’s pretty much the unofficial crowning of a new champion, and it certainly gives those who are anticipating such news something to think about. It’s not like there’s a shortage of time or anything, as No Time To Die’s theatrical release is set for this fall, and no real decision will be made until that film has run its course.

As fickle as the odds can be, Regé-Jean Page has become a consistent presence in the debate over who should be the next James Bond. Much like Tom Hardy, James Norton, and the slew of other names you hear thrown around the pack, like say Tom Hiddleston, Mr. Page is riding high, but always has the potential to be usurped by another competitor. It ain’t over ‘til it’s over, and as we’ve said before, it’s not going to be over any time soon.

Currently, Daniel Craig is still the world’s James Bond, and No Time To Die will be his swan song. UK audiences will first experience the 25th 007 adventure on September 30th, while US audiences will have their turn on October 8th. Meanwhile, Regé-Jean Page is hard at work on filming Netflix’s espionage thriller The Grey Man, which currently has no set release date.

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