The Rock And Emily Blunt Totally Troll Each Other In New Dueling Trailers For Jungle Cruise

Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt and Jack Whitehall in Jungle Cruise

While some people may be excited for the next big movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to finally be coming out in a couple weeks, Disney already has its sights set on the studio's next big release. Today Disney released not one new trailer for Jungle Cruise, but in fact two new trailers for the film. Each one gets introduced by one of the stars of the film, Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt, who would like you to know who the real star of the movie is.

Each trailer includes a brief introduction by one of the stars. Dwayne Johnson is seen sitting on a couch with a glass of what I can only assume is his tequila. He gets people hyped up for Jungle Cruise, while being sure to give a shout out to his co-star, though he can't quite remember her name. Check it out.

Not to be out done, shortly after the Skipper Frank Trailer was released, a second trailer, all about Dr. Lily Houghton, was introduced by Emily Blunt. She claims that the earlier trailer was some sort of glitch and that this is the actual new trailer, since the movie is totally about her. Blunt also makes a point to screw up Dwayne Johnson's name even more than he had done to her. And it is worth seeing both trailers as they each contain a lot of different material.

Both trailers are actually quite good. While a few shots are shared between them, they each do a good job of selling the idea that the true star of the film is either Dwayne Johnson or Emily Blunt, but not both.

If I had to pick a winner, I would have to go with the Skipper Frank trailer, though not because of anything Dwayne Johnson does. That trailer includes the best look we've had of Paul Giamatti's character in the film, and that makes it worth checking out. It seems that Johnson's character only takes the charter from Blunt's character because he owes somebody money.

At the end of the day one certainly hopes that the real winner will be the fans of Jungle Cruise. As somebody who has been supremely excited ever since it was first announced that The Rock and Emily Blunt would star in an adventure movie based on a Disneyland ride, this has been the movie I have been waiting for. The movie wants to recapture the success of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and I certainly hope it's successful Anybody else who is equally excited for it will have a choice regarding how to view it, as the film will be released in theaters as well as on Disney+ as a Premiere Access title.

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