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Now, Dwayne Johnson Is Even Trolling Disney Over Emily Blunt’s New Jungle Cruise Video

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Yesterday, we saw what appeared to be a fun little battle between Jungle Cruise co-stars Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. Each one debuted their own version of a new Jungle Cruise trailer, spotlighting themselves as the star of the film. It was a fun way to promote the film as it gave fans two trailers to enjoy a month before the release of the film, and it gave us more fun banter between the two leads. This has continued to be entertaining throughout the ongoing months as the delayed film gets closer and closer to coming out, and new The Rock has extended his wrath of trolling to Disney itself.

However, it seems that the "war" between Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson didn't end with the release of the second trailer. Dwayne Johnson posted Emily Blunt's version of the trailer to his Instagram, and includes an epic caption where The Rock acts like he's terribly hurt by the fact that Emily Blunt has her own trailer. He promises Disney will "feel his wrath" for this one.

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One of the games that Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt played in their respective videos was pretending they couldn't quite remember the other ones name. Thus Dwayne Johnson became Dave Gobson. Apparently Dave Gobson is a little upset for being outplayed. Since Blunt's video went up second, she got the last word, and now Dwayne is a little upset. It's a great troll because Johnson basically admits that the main reason he's upset with Blunt's video is that she does an excellent job killing him with kindness.

If Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson have half the chemistry in the Jungle Cruise movie that they've shown in the promotion of the film, then fans are going to be in for something special. Jungle Cruise is going for that same balance of action and comedy that made Pirates of the Caribbean a success and it's clear from these trailers that much of the comedy will come from Blunt and Johnson and their tenuous relationship.

These two are clearly having a good time together outside the movie itself, which may be why they've decided to do even more movies together. And if Jungle Cruise becomes a hit, we can expect both to return for sequels. And if that happens we can likely look forward to more fun like this as those films get made.

Jungle Cruise very much looks like the sort of movie that could become a major franchise, and find success where most of the other films based on Disney theme park attractions, all the ones not called Pirates of the Caribbean, have come up short. Having two big name stars certainly doesn't hurt. Jungle Cruise is set for release on July 30, both on the big screen and on Disney+ with Premiere Access.

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