Timothee Chalamet Is Naked In A Tub In First Clip From Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch

No one ever knows what to expect when a new Wes Anderson film is on the horizon. Sure, the style and the humor are pretty much a given, but exactly how the writer/director weaves such talents in a film like The French Dispatch is always a mystery. Part of that enigma has now been revealed through a scene involving a naked Timothée Chalamet sitting in a tub, which has been released for your viewing pleasure.

After what’s felt like an eternity of waiting for The French Dispatch to give us another peek behind the curtain, we've literally been given a scene where that exact scenario was made possible. Here we see Chalamet and co-star Frances McDormand working through a scene that’s purely a Wes Anderson scenario. Awkwardly damp comedy rules a moment that could be considered as the best possible way to present Wes Anderson’s work in the form of a clip.

As seen throughout his filmography, which contains memorable tales like Rushmore, The Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Grand Budapest Hotel, there’s a rhythm to the humor that is presented in what can initially seem like an awkward, stilted view of the world. Frances McDormand’s Lucinda Krementz and Timothée Chalamet’s Zeffirelli embody that very energy, but as the scene progresses, that Wes Anderson rhythm presents itself. What starts as embarrassment turns into a small, but lighthearted back and forth about typos and the contents of Zeffirelli's manifesto.

As you can tell, it’s hard to “clip” from a movie like The French Dispatch, as well as from Wes Anderson’s filmography in general. So having a moment like this to show those of the viewing public who need a little more selling is a pretty fantastic coup. Though it probably also helps that The French Dispatch has also just had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, which is something that will also raise some eyebrows based on reactions and reports of a standing ovation coming from that event.

Several stories are part of The French Dispatch’s overall tapestry of humanity in all of its comedic and bittersweet glory. And we’re only seeing a portion of the madness that the film’s trailer promised audiences early last year; so even this is just the tip of the iceberg. Rewatching that first trailer, in light of seeing Timothée Chalamet’s awkwardly nude encounter with Frances McDormand, only hammers that home a little more. Which should make fans eagerly awaiting The French Dispatch’s arrival both happy they got another taste, but impatient to devour the entire confection.

Hot off the presses at last, The French Dispatch will be distributed to movie theaters far and wide on October 22. Though you can read all about the other movies headed your way in the coming year, through the 2021 release schedule, should you not be a Wes Anderson fan. And don’t forget to read ahead with 2022’s release schedule, as it's never too soon to start planning a proper night at the movies.

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