Black Adam Fan Art Sees Dwayne Johnson And Henry Cavill’s Superman Face Off

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam concept art

Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam, after being in development for years, has finally finished production. Johnson has been promising us that when his anti-hero came on the scene, the balance of power in the DC universe would shift. Certainly in a DC film universe where Superman does not appear to be an active concern, Black Adam may be about to become the most powerful character in what we used to call the DCEU. Of course, what fans really want to see is a big throwdown battle to determine who is truly the most powerful, and some new fan art teases us with exactly that.

One of the last images from the set of Black Adam showed Dwayne Johnson, in costume, surveying a scene of destruction. Now, that picture has been taken by datriniart on Instagram and transformed into what that could have looked like before it was all turned to rubble. The structures have been rebuilt, and standing across from Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam is Henry Cavill's Superman. Check it out.

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The original image posted by Dwayne Johnson certainly did make Black Adam look lonely. It was a simple black-and-white image that showed an area that had been destroyed. It likely was the result of some massive super powered battle. Black Adam probably did get into it with somebody. The new movie is going to debut several DC characters to the big screen including Hawkman and Atom Smasher.

Perhaps they were the ones fighting Black Adam to create this destruction. Or maybe they were fighting alongside him. It's difficult to tell just what sort of character Black Adam will be in the new movie. He's frequently been portrayed as a villain in the comics but from the things Dwayne Johnson has said previously, he's perhaps going to be more of an anti-hero here. Maybe he'll start the movie one way and evolve over the course of the story, but where will he start and where will he end up?

While Black Adam's traditional nemesis in the world of DC is Shazam, and there is some expectation that we will see that battle on the big screen at some point down the road, Black Adam and Superman have had more than their share of battles in the pages of DC Comics, and fans would likely love to see this battle happen.

Unfortunately, right now, such a scene is essentially impossible. While the future of Superman on the big screen is unknown, it seems that Henry Cavill is no longer under contract with Warner Bros. to play the big blue boy scout, and the studio has no specific plans to make any movies with the character of Superman anytime soon. If and when that changes, Cavill could certainly come back, but we could just as easily see somebody new take on the role.

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