Dwayne Johnson Shares Epic Black Adam Set Photo Offers Glimpse At His Suit

Dwayne Johnson has been on board to star in a Black Adam movie for almost as long as the modern generation of DC comics based films have been an active concern. And while we're still technically over a year away from seeing the final product, Johnson is clearly planning to spend the next 12 months keeping fans hyped up for the new project. Up until now we've only seen concept art of how the actor-producer will look as the titular character, and he's not ready to reveal the full suit yet. But in a new image we do get to see some of it, along with a look at the scope of the action the new film will bring.

Dwayne Johnson shared an image to Instagram which shows him surveying the set of Black Adam. We see him from behind, including the slightest look at the Black Adam costume, but the main focus of the image is the set, which shows a pretty impressive level of destruction, that was apparently caused by the title character. The Rock promises fans that his character is a very different sort of superhero.

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The image is black and white, so it can be a bit difficult to really see the details. But there are members of the crew down among the rubble in this picture, which helps to show just how massive this set truly is. Some of the pieces of debris are larger than the people. The Rock wanted to show off the scale of his movie and this picture certainly does that.

And while we only get a look at a small part of the Black Adam costume, we can extrapolate to some degree what the suit will look like based on the detail that we can see here. Dwayne Johnson is clear that this is a "body suit" and not a "muscle suit." And really, if there's a single living human being who can look like an actual superhero without any additional padding, it's certainly The Rock. We've seen the amount of training the man has done to get ready for Black Adam. If there was a point where even Dwayne Johnson was going to get a padded suit, he appears to have worked hard enough to remove the need.

Black Adam is shaping up to be a really exciting film. In addition to it starring the biggest movie star in the world, it's also put together an incredibly impressive supporting cast. Aldis Hodge is on board to play Hawkman, Noah Centineo is playing Atom Smasher, and Sarah Shahi was recently confirmed to be part of the cast, apparently playing Isis.

Filming recently wrapped on the superhero movie. Black Adam is set to be released July 29, 2022.

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