Escape Room’s Logan Miller Thinks He Knows Why Ben Keeps Escaping The Franchise’s ‘Torture’ Rooms

People already have enough of a hard time going into escape rooms, whether it’s because they’re not so sure about their puzzle-solving expertise or just aren’t into them overall. But after the Escape Room franchise started in 2019, viewers now have another reason to fear this fairly recent phenomenon, as a movie like Escape Room: Tournament of Champions theorizes that they could be used to kill for sport. Surviving one round, much less an entire movie like Logan Miller’s character Ben, takes quite a bit of work, though the actor suspects something else may be at work as well.

During an interview with CinemaBlend’s own Sean O’Connell, Escape Room: Tournament of Champions stars Logan Miller and Holland Roden were on hand to speak about their experience on the sets in director Adam Robitel’s big summer sequel. Like any good escape room, the sets of the movies that take that concept to a deadlier level are as intricate and interactive as one would think. Miller, dubbing himself a “professional screamer” after his Escape Room experiences, credits Ben’s ability to survive as a result of this interesting hypothesis:

I think that there’s an added element in Ben’s DNA. Maybe they crossbred him with a cockroach or something, because he seems to be able to survive any crazy, torturous experience.

Of course, it helps that in Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, Logan Miller’s returning character has more than a little help from his fellow veterans. Most importantly, his continued friendship with Escape Room survivor Zoey (Taylor Russell) keeps Ben ahead of the game, as the co-protagonists of this surprise hit series are fast becoming one of cinema’s most effective teams. It's a fact that is put to the test in their latest cinematic adventure under the thumb of the insidious Minos Corporation.

As pointed out by both the characters, and the visuals included in the trailer to Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, the rooms have gotten a lot bigger since we last saw them executed. Everything from the New York Subway to an idyllic beach has been realized in this new round of torture. So when Logan Miller mentions that part about the deep sighs when first seeing a set, it’s probably because he and the rest of the cast knew from day one that it was going to be one hell of a ride.

While Escape Room: Tournament of Champions looks like it was a grueling experience to film, the results add up to a thrilling continuation of a potentially long lasting franchise. That’s a good thing for the fans, but bad news for Logan Miller’s vocal chords, as the screaming is going to only get louder. Lucky for all of us, that probably means that the traps are going to get even bigger.

Those who seek to unlock the secrets of Escape Room: Tournament of Champions don’t have to wait any longer. The film is currently in theaters, ready for those to beat the heat while using their heads. But if you’re looking for something else at the wide world of the box office, head over to our 2021 release schedule and sift through the clues that could lead to your next adventure.

Mike Reyes
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