Chris Hemsworth Wishes His Wife Happy Birthday In Sweet Post, But I'm Just Staring At His Thor: Love And Thunder Muscles

Chris Hemsworth looking fit in Avengers: Endgame

Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky are both fairly active on social media, so it’s not a huge surprise that the Thor: Love and Thunder actor might take to the interwebs to shoutout his wife on her birthday. I also suppose it’s not a surprise that Hemsworth shared a photo with his jacked Thor arms front and center, but despite it being a week to celebrate Pataky, I still just can’t stop looking at the gun show.

Chris Hemsworth actually celebrated the birthday of his wife of more than 10 years with a nice post that truly is centric to Elsa Pataky. Yet, i’s the third picture in a grouping that’s the one attracting the most notice from his fanbase. OK me. It's attracting the most notice from me. He captioned the post “Happy Birthday, gorgeous” 100% to his wife but that hasn't stopped me from reading it as if he were talking to his swole arms.

Chris Hemsworth's Birthday post for Elsa Pataky

Look, I can’t confirm exactly when this photo was taken, but we do know that Chris Hemsworth has seemingly been going above and beyond to stay in Thor shape over the past year. Thor: Love and Thunder actually filmed between January and June of this year, just wrapping a few short weeks ago to head into post-production. Next up, Chris Hemsworth has a slew of upcoming movies, including the Furiosa prequel and Netflix’s Extraction 2 to film, so it’s unlikely he’ll be taking a break from work-related workouts anytime soon either.

Then again, even if he was on a hiatus from work, the man is super into fitness. He created the fitness app Centr and is often doing workouts for those users as well. The point is, the gun show is unlikely to be going anywhere anytime soon, even if the concept of "Fat Thor" still feels on the fresher side. Staying in superhero shape for a lengthy period of time is super impressive and not something every Marvel actor or actress keeps up with.

When he’s not filming, working out, or working out for work, Chris Hemsworth is pretty much a family man. He and Elsa Pataky are often sharing posts of the family spending time together, including on Pataky's own social media. The mom of three and actress in her own right this past week also shared vacation photos with horses and more. In their free time, they are often out and about with their daughter and their two boys, doing a variety of outdoor activities. You can see the actor’s full tribute post to his actress wife, below.

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To note, some other heroes and anti-heroes commented on the post, with Hawkeye actor Jeremy Renner throwing out some heart emojis. The MCU's Heimdall actor Idris Elba -- who will soon pop up in James Gunn’s DCEU universe in The Suicide Squad -- also commented to Elsa Pataky with a simple “HBD” message. It’s an MCU world and the rest of us are just living it, but happy birthday to Ms. Pataky and well wishes for many more to come. Oh, and be sure to also stay tuned for August 11, which is actually Mr. Hemsworth's birthday and a day we can properly thank him for staying in superhero shape.

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