Jungle Cruise’s Emily Blunt Reveals Hilarious Nickname She Gave Dwayne Johnson

Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson in Jungle Cruise
(Image credit: (Disney))
(Image credit: (Disney))

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A new Disney duo is about to grace the big screen, and it’s Jungle Cruise’s Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. The A-list actors have teamed up for an adventure based on the classic Disneyland ride home to dry humor and famous puns as guests tour by sea. By the sound of it, the pairing really worked out for the Hollywood stars. They even have nicknames for each other.

A Quiet Place’s Emily Blunt and action-star extraordinaire Dwayne Johnson isn’t exactly an obvious combo, but according to the two actors, the chemistry was instant between them. Blunt apparently refers to The Rock as “toots” along with some other wholesome names. As the actress shared:

I used to enjoy calling him very, sort of sweet, cute things. Like he texts me, ‘Alright, I'm leaving now, I'll see you on set,’ and I'm like, ‘Ok cupcake.’

The Rock is ‘cupcake’? Incredible. The Black Adam actor agreed to ET Online that he and Emily Blunt just “clicked” with one another, perhaps making her nicknaming more endearing than anything for him. I’d guess he doesn’t just let any actor call him ‘cupcake,’ right?

After previously being delayed last summer, Jungle Cruise is set to head to theaters and Disney+ Premier Access next Friday. The movie will follow in the footsteps of Cruella and Black Widow by getting a hybrid theatrical and home release. If you’re looking to go with the streaming option you can sign up for Disney+ using this link.

Judging by the Jungle Cruise trailer, it looks like Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson's characters could be kind of like Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz’s in The Mummy... maybe minus the romance? We’ll have to see about that last part. Blunt shared her thoughts on the pairing with these words:

It's such a cool dynamic to watch, because they're polarized from each other. They have such different philosophies on life and their sense of humor, like how they walk into every day, it's just completely the antithesis of one another. So, I think it makes for this really fun interplay between them that's reminiscent of those Romancing The Stone films. That clash of like two people that are kind of storming into each other's world.

It’ll be exciting to see the two expand the storyline of the Disneyland ride that opened up back in 1971 and has been running ever since. The ride itself in Disneyland and Magic Kingdom recently got itself a makeover that included the removal of some insensitive moments on Jungle Cruise. You can see Emily Blunt and The Rock star in the Jungle Cruise movie on July 30.

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