The Sweet Moment Chris Pratt Shared With His Son On The Set Of Amazon’s The Tomorrow War

Chris Pratt in The Tomorrow War

If you didn’t already harbor the wish to be the child of a celebrity, that’s about to change. The status of being the kid of a movie star can come with some major perks, as recently demonstrated by fan-favorite actor Chris Pratt, who made some memories for his son on the set of Amazon’s upcoming The Tomorrow War with a super sweet moment that he isn’t likely to forget any time soon.

Being on set can be pretty lonely for actors working away from home. Luckily for Chris Pratt, though, his wife Katherine Schwartzenegger and his son Jack, who he shares with ex wife Anna Faris, were able to fly out and be with him on set of The Tomorrow War. Pratt recently told Entertainment Tonight that his son was able get set up in a harness to fight some aliens just like his dad’s on screen character when the upcoming Amazon original film was shooting in Iceland. Said the Guardians of the Galaxy star,

He's been to a ton of sets. He's got it down. We hooked him up in the harness and had him flying around the set... he was fighting some aliens, shooting some lasers out of his hand. He has a good time on set.

I’m officially jealous of Chris Pratt’s 8-year-old son, as swinging around on an alien set shooting lasers sounds more fun than anything I’ve done during the pandemic. It also sounds like this isn’t really a new thing for young Jack, as Pratt says his son is very used to being on a movie set and knows how things work. It doesn’t hurt that he had the direction of a huge action star who has been trained by the Navy SEALS; I’m talking about Pratt himself, of course.

Chris Pratt has starred in a number of major action franchises since his time as the goofy Andy on Parks and Recreation, and he’s pretty much unrecognizable these days. Aside from his obvious Marvel connections, he’s a major name in the Jurassic Park franchise, and he is quickly becoming a staple in the action genre with other projects like the upcoming The Tomorrow War and the series The Terminal List.

The Tomorrow War has finished up production and is releasing straight to streaming on Amazon this week on July 2. We’ll be able to see for ourselves some action packed alien hunting, however, little Jack won’t be the one fighting this time. With a dad who is promptly getting him used to being on set though, it’s not out of the question that we could see Chris Pratt’s son follow in his footsteps one day in the future and become an action star himself.

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