Netflix Star Christina Milian And More Resort To Love Cast Talk ‘Gift’ Of Shooting In Mauritius During The Pandemic

Sinqua Walls and Christina Milian flirting on the beach as Caleb and Erica in Resort to Love

How many of us have been dreaming of getting away since the pandemic began? Well, that’s exactly what the cast of Netflix’s Resort to Love got to do while filming their movie in Mauritius. The Indian Ocean island nation known for its beaches, lagoons, and reefs can only be described as paradise, and the Resort To Love cast shared stories from the set and what a gift it was to shoot there during the pandemic.

Resort to Love is the feel-good romantic comedy that we all need right now. Aspiring pop singer Erica (Christina Milian) takes a job as a wedding singer at a beautiful beach resort but then learns she’ll have to sing at her ex Jason's (Jay Pharoah) wedding. Sinqua Walls (who plays Jason’s brother Caleb) shared the following with CinemaBlend about filming on the island of Mauritius:

Honestly, it was a joy, it was a gift, it was a blessing. Going through the circumstances that we all went through last year with the pandemic and everything, to get an opportunity to just kind of work and also be in the most beautiful space I've ever been in, in my life, the culture on the island, the people, it was, I think speaking for everybody on the cast, it was such a gift. It was such a gift and it was euphoric. I was able to go to the water every day, which is one of my happiest places and I felt very filled in the space. So I would, if you said I had to shoot nine more movies in Mauritius, I would do it. I would do it in a heartbeat.

After watching Resort to Love you’ll probably want to visit Mauritius as well. The Netflix film captures the beautiful beaches, the blue waters, and not to take away from the interior set design because some excellent work was done there as well, but every time the characters adventure outside the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. Jay Pharoah (who plays the groom in the film) suggested returning for a sequel and added some new locations:

I would do it in a heartbeat as well. I think we need to go ahead and start making a sequel. If they have a date, we need to make the sequel, go to Mauritius, and we also need to extend ourselves. Why just Mauritius? Let's extend ourselves to the Maldives. Oh, let's go over there! You know where else? Let’s go to Madagascar. Let's hit all those beautiful islands over there on that coast. Cause you know, it was such a beautiful experience. And the fact that we got a chance to just get away a little bit and do that pocket of work. Like, we'll never forget it just because of the bond that everybody had because we were all going through it at the same time. It was a family. We had Thanksgiving there. It was so nice.

If Netflix makes a sequel to Resort to Love, sign me up! I would love to see these characters back together six months or a year after the end of this film. There’s so much to explore with the relationships that have been created. Speaking of relationships, leading lady Christina Milian shared how the cast truly became a family while filming. In her own words,

We were shooting from October, November, December, and we went through quarantine separately, but you know, that whole experience filming the movie with the guys and with the girls and everybody, it was literally, it became like a real family. We were so far away, but also knowing that the rest of the world was going through a pandemic, we all currently still are, and to feel so blessed to be able to experience living out our dreams by acting and doing this film, and then still being able to just go out and have a blast. We had a really good time. So yeah, Mauritius is gorgeous. I hope everybody sees that in the film and goes to visit. You're going to want to visit after you see what we did.

Christina Milian got her wish for people to see the film and want to visit, at least with me. I’ll be booking my trip to Mauritius asap. Resort to Love releases globally on Netflix July 29 so you can enjoy the beautiful escape, too. Get ready to laugh, and maybe warm up those vocal cords before pressing play.

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