No Time To Die Finally Gearing Back Up To Release Daniel Craig’s Last 007 Movie With Thrilling New Footage

Daniel Craig looks scuffed up on the bridge in No Time To Die.

There are three to four words that have been known to rev the motors of James Bond fans when leading up to a movie like No Time To Die. It’s a simple sentiment, but it never fails: “James Bond is back!” With the film finally gearing up once more for release, now’s the time for those in charge to get the fans pumped yet again. A new ad for Daniel Craig’s final 007 movie has proven that fact, as a slightly trimmed version of that statement, as well as newly-cut montage of footage from the film, has landed on the internet.

The results are absolutely in line with the hype we’ve seen making the rounds, despite the fact that No Time To Die has been postponed several times at this point. However, the wheels are turning again, and it’s time to look forward to October’s all-out celebration of 007’s return to theaters. So take a moment, get yourself situated and drink in the fast and beautiful new look we’ve gotten at No Time To Die, courtesy of the official 007 media team:

For a man who's been retired from active service, No Time To Die does show James Bond as getting back into the swing of things rather well. Though it’s been years since his 007 code number was reassigned, Bond can still handle a gun, a steering wheel and a quip like he could back in the earlier days of his tenure. Of course, the true threat of Daniel Craig’s big swan song has yet to be revealed, but the secrecy doesn’t look any less fatal in this latest advertisement.

It’s been a while since fans have been able to get truly excited about No Time To Die, as already the huge pushes for the April 2020 and November 2020 release dates were met with standstills in our uncertain times. Some might even be a bit wary to celebrate the 25th James Bond film’s campaign to the big screen at this very moment, as uncertainty still has a bit of a hold on the world. Also, all of those merch pre-orders yet to be fulfilled definitely sting.

Still, James Bond is ready to return, as all that has to happen is for No Time To Die to make its way into theaters. It may seem simple, but it’s a crucial happening, as this final Daniel Craig adventure is all that stands between the actor and the proper sendoff of his incarnation of Ian Fleming’s legendary character. Which, in turn, would trigger the casting of the next James Bond, another event that’s been awaited with bated breath.

No matter what’s going on in the world, if you’re a true fan of the Bond films, it’s not hard to get excited for No Time To Die’s release into theaters. With this next film being the capstone in the arc of continuity that started with Casino Royale, there’s no telling what’s going to happen and what huge swings might await fans when they finally get to see it for themselves. UK audiences will get to learn those secrets a little earlier, as the film opens on September 30, as opposed to the US release date, which is set for October 8. For now, we’ll just have to keep waiting for what new and exciting turns the 007 experience takes as we move closer to James Bond’s return.

Mike Reyes
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