Taika Waititi’s In Free Guy Before Thor: Love And Thunder And He Has A Funny Take On His New Poster

Antwan laying out his plans to shut down the game in Free Guy

It can’t be too surprising that moviegoers are getting a new Free Guy image before some news on Thor: Love and Thunder. Ahead of Thor 4 arriving in theaters, Taika Waititi must promote his latest project. The Free Guy star gave his followers the first look at his character poster. Upon revealing his Free Guy poster, the Oscar-winning director had a funny take.

The Thor: Love and Thunder director took to his Instagram to show off his Free Guy poster. Of course, in his comedic fashion, Taika Waititi could help but take a jab at his fellow co-stars Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer. He revealed he “couldn’t be bothered” to download their posters. But after many delays, the Oscar winner was finally able to debut his poster. To see the multi-hyphenate’s Free Guy debut, check out his hilarious post below:

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But the Jojo Rabbit director wasn’t done getting some jabs in just yet. Taika Waititi took the time to point out a minor error on his poster. He took the issue with the “and” beside his name and offered some more colorful suggestions.

Also, it's not supposed to say "and" before my name. They were meant to put "and sadly Taika Waititi" or "however unfortunately also Taika Waititi".

The director/actor jokingly wanted to calm down moviegoers before seeing him on the big screen. Taika Waititi knew he would be a distraction from Free Guy lead Ryan Reynolds or be reviled by audiences. So he wanted to keep everyone’s expectations low, but he did offer fans a small concession by advertising his poster as a VHS cover for a pirate version.

It’s nice to know that Taika Waititi is willing to get Free Guy to the fans by any means necessary (albeit illegal). He knew some viewers would still be a little skittish about going back to movie theaters, even though buying out the back of a van can be hit or miss. You can tell playing the villain was fun for him.

Seeing Taika Waititi’s official poster means Free Guy’s release is only weeks away. This just added to the hype the film is experiencing. The wait for the much-delayed comedy is finally ending. Despite its release being weeks away, some moviegoers have already seen the film and have taken to the internet streets. Even Ryan Reynolds shared some fan reactions. But he and Waititi aren’t the only ones hyping the film.

Free Guy co-star Jodie Comer seemed excited for fans to get the film’s message against the typical action-comedy tropes. Ryan Reynolds continued hyping the film by revealing it has hidden cultural easter eggs throughout. So the action-comedy appears to be shaping as a must-watch in 2021. Taika Waititi’s humorous take only drove that idea home, and fortunately, moviegoers won’t have to wait much longer, as the film arrives in theaters on August 13.

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