Hey, Netflix Fans, You Better Get Your 007 Watching On While You Can

When you have a series as huge as the James Bond franchise, the world of streaming can be pretty taxing. The 24 films that exist in the current catalog are not only usually scattered among streaming platforms, but they’re also frequently subject to availability, leaving platforms only to pop up somewhere else. Which makes me the bearer of bad news today, as I must advise you Netflix fans out there to watch Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace while you can, as both Daniel Craig films will be leaving the platform very soon.

When Are Casino Royale And Quantum Of Solace Leaving Netflix?

August 30 is the last day you’ll be able to enjoy 2006’s Casino Royale and 2008’s Quantum of Solace. Per the usual monthly update to Netflix’s digital library, the first two Craig era installments will be shipping out to parts unknown. We literally have no idea where, or if, these movies will be popping up anywhere else at this moment. Though we can speculate about that answer in a moment, as two other Daniel Craig Bond movies are still streaming.

Is There Anywhere I Can Watch The Other Daniel Craig Bond Movies?

If you’ve gotten your fill of Casino Royale and/or Quantum of Solace, you’ll be pleased to know that as of this writing, 2012’s Skyfall and 2015’s Spectre aren’t going anywhere. As it has been for some time now, Spectre is available to stream with a cable subscription, through the FXNow platform. Meanwhile, Skyfall recently resurfaced in the streaming world, through not only on Hulu’s library but also as part of Paramount+’s recent acquisitions. Which makes for an interesting segue, as that very happening could be the largest clue to where the James Bond films could be headed next.

Where Could The 007 Movies Be Streaming Next?

Per a deal struck between Paramount+ and Epix, the MGM library of titles is open for streaming and cable TV business. That deal was made before Amazon acquired MGM as a studio, and seeing as the former was motivated to buy the latter business in order to get a piece of the 007 pie, what we’re about to say next is going to sting. The largest repercussion of that deal is that once No Time To Die goes into its post-cinematic release, it gets to air on Epix, as well as stream through Paramount+.

Now this is total speculation, but based on Skyfall’s migration to Paramount+ and that deal we laid out above, at the very least, the Daniel Craig Bond films could be going to P+ as well. As “MGM and Sony Pictures” movies are on the table with this Epix deal, the MGM-controlled classics in the James Bond canon are a little harder to define. Though there is an opportunity for Amazon to gain some ground in the world of 007 streaming, as Prime Video has had the entire classic James Bond canon in its library before; and it looks even easier for the company to reclaim them post-acquisition.

The one thing you can count on at the moment when it comes to James Bond and the world of streaming is that No Time To Die, and future 007 movies, will not make their debuts on streaming. So you’re still going to have to wait until September 30 in the UK and October 8 in the US to see Daniel Craig’s big Bond blowout close his chapter in the history books. Meanwhile, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace will be available on Netflix until August 30, so get to it!

Mike Reyes
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