Vivo: The Most Heartwarming Moments From The Netflix Animated Film

Vivo, the musical kinkajou in _Vivo._

Vivo in Vivo.

Netflix has dropped another heartwarming animated film that has swept people off their feet. First in 2021, we got Netflix's The Mitchell’s vs The Machines. Then we got the wonderful Wish Dragon. And, now, we have been given the adorable and musical-filled Vivo, with the talented Vivo cast.

In this addition to the 2021 Netflix movies, Vivo was no doubt a sweet animated journey that made both kids and parents smile. But, what exactly were the most heartwarming moments in this lovely film? What were the things that made you cry or laugh during this Lin-Manuel Miranda-led film? While there might be so many in this film, these are some of the most heartwarming moments during Vivo.

Baby Vivo and Andres in Vivo.

When Baby Vivo And Andres Met

I mean, how can we not include this adorable moment? In the opening scene of Vivo, the titular kinkajou tells the story of how he was lost as a baby and hid in a tree, until he heard Andres sing to him. From there, a wonderful relationship was born out of a shared love of music. It’s so sweet - and let’s be honest, Vivo was adorable as a baby, was he not? Plus, Lin-Manuel Miranda's rap during this song was so killer that it makes me want to watch this scene over and over.

Marta and Andres dancing in his song about her in Vivo.

When Andres Sang About His Lost Love

In one of the first songs of Vivo, titled “Mambo Cabana,” Andres sings about his long-lost love, Marta, and how he would like nothing more than to be given a second chance to tell her how he feels.

While Vivo seems a bit reluctant to leave the life they had built in Cuba, the smile that spread across Andres face at the idea of being reunited with Marta is enough to make any romantic smile. And, that moment when he remembers how they used to dance together when they were younger? It makes me smile every time.

Vivo watching Gabi in the water in Vivo.

When Vivo Smiled At Gabi’s Great Sense of Humor After Falling Off The Ship

After the unfortunate passing of Andres in Vivo, Vivo and Gabi, Andre’s great-niece, set out on an adventure to Miami to give Marta the song Andres never got to deliver. However, they, of course, get into some shenanigans, one thing leads to another, and they are left stranded on some sort of cargo boat full of sand.

Gabi, thinking quickly, builds a boat out of items on the ship and throws it into the ocean. Vivo has no problem getting to the boat but then Gabi jumps in and misses completely. Instead of being embarrassed about it, she emerges from under the water smiling and laughing, which causes Vivo to smile as well. I don’t know what it is about that moment - it’s quick and simple, but it’s still sweet to see the kinkajou start to like the girl in a way that isn’t just for convenience - he’s truly beginning to see her personality and who she is.

Gabi and Vivo making music together in Vivo.

When Gabi And Vivo Started To Actually Make Music Together

In Vivo, Gabi loves music - but is a bit musically challenged. Vivo, being the expert in rhythm that he is, starts to teach Gabi how to create a steady rhythm, not just noise, while drifting on their raft through the Everglades.

While Gabi mistakes it for her teaching him, Vivo and her still end up making a great rhythm together, and the look of wonder that comes across Gabi’s face as she realizes that she’s actually making music that sounds fun is adorable. It’s a further progression of their partnership - and the song they play is very pleasing to listen to.

Gabi and Vivo working on the song in Vivo.

When Vivo And Gabi Realized They Could Remake The Song Together

After that terrifying chase from Lutadoor (played by Michael Rooker), a python in the Everglades, Gabi, Vivo, and the Scout Girls discover that the song has fallen into the water and is destroyed. While they are trying to boat back, thinking hope is lost, Gabi starts to sing the lyrics from Marta’s song - except completely off-key.

Vivo, recognizing this, gets frustrated and starts to play the melody on Gabi’s recorder. Gabi suddenly realizes what this means - she knows the lyrics, and he knows the melody, which means they can recreate the song.

The montage that follows brings that heartwarming feeling back to your chest after the song was destroyed, knowing that the group still has hope. Seeing both Gabi and Vivo work together once more is always a sweet treat.

Vivo hands off the song to Marta in Vivo.

When Vivo Handed Off The Song To Marta

Finally, after all their struggles, both Vivo and Gabi make it to the Mambo Cabana in Miami. Vivo is the only one who is able to make it to Marta’s room to give her the song. When he comes in, she is visibly upset after learning of the passing of her dear friend, but when Vivo gives her the song, she cries tears of joy instead.

Marta says that she loves Andres too, and decides to perform the song in his honor, saying to Vivo that he was a good friend to Andres for coming so far to deliver this to her. This single moment, where the adventure has seemingly come to an end, and Vivo can now take a breath - I think of all of could breathe, too, happy that the song was finally delivered.

Vivo, Gabi and Rosa in the car in Vivo.

When Vivo And Gabi Helped Rosa Understand Gabi’s Feelings About Her Adventure

Once Vivo had delivered the song in Vivo, he then went off to find Gabi, who was, no doubt, in trouble with her mom, Rosa (played by Zoe Saldana) for traveling so far without permission. When Vivo shows up in the car, Gabi finds the courage to tell her mother that the reason why she went off with Vivo was because she wanted to help Andres tell Marta he loved her, because Gabi never got to say she loved her dad before he passed away.

Rosa proceeds to come over and hug her daughter, reassuring her that Gabi’s father knew she loved him with her whole heart, but, man! The tears that came down my cheeks. It’s a surprisingly adult moment in a film that’s catered towards kids, showing just how much grief can affect someone, and that it was a major reason why Gabi went to help Vivo.

Vivo envisions a young Marta and Andres dancing again.

When Vivo Envisioned Andres Dancing With Marta Once More

Let me tell you, I sobbed during this part in Vivo. I’m usually not a big crier during films, but this moment had me crying - in a good way, which is why it’s extremely heartwarming. When Marta is singing Andres' song for her, Vivo begins to envision Marta and Andres together again, and then when Marta gets up to dance and they hold hands, they both turn young.

It’s not only a great call-back to “Mambo Cabana,” but also shows the character development of Vivo. At first, he wanted Andres all for himself, but now, he sees the joy that love like this could bring to someone's life, and wishes that one day, maybe Andres and Marta could dance together again just like they were when they were young. It’s as if Andres is on the stage there with her, and that’s all that Vivo truly wanted. It’s a heartwarming conclusion to a wonderful movie, and the best way to close out his story.

What was your favorite part of the animated film Vivo? There are so many moments, it’s impossible to include them all. Now if you don’t mind me, I’m going to go and listen to this wonderful soundtrack once more.

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